Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Want My Clothes Back

We still don’t have our clothes back from the clothing cleaner/restoration place.  I called them today and they said to call on Monday to schedule a time to have everything delivered.  I can’t wait.  Just think about your home and every piece of fabric there.  Every curtain, towel, blanket, sheet, shoe, handbag, leather, throw, hotpad, tablecloth, doily, and piece of clothing you own has been taken from you EXCEPT your 7-day emergency supply (which wasn’t as plentiful as it should have been).  Tomorrow marks three weeks since the fire and Monday will be 3 weeks and 3 days without our stuff.  I can’t wait to get our stuff back.

I called State Farm as well to check on our claim.  Looks like they will reimburse us for a new couch and love seat.  That is good news indeed.  They questioned why I bought new pillows and towels until I reminded them that we will have gone almost 3 ½ weeks without and needed something to get us through.  We will be reimbursed for that as well.  Yay.

Today is my Thursday.  I am off on Friday because we will be driving to IA for my cousin’s wedding.  I can’t wait.  I need a day off and this weekend should be fun.  The only difficult thing is that there are about 17 different events occurring on Saturday, May 17th here in the Twin Cities and I can’t be here to participate.  Sigh.  Still, the weekend should be fun and filled with family plus a road trip. 

They finally cleaned the vent outside our apartment yesterday.  It still smells faintly of fire, but it could be the walls and carpet now since those have yet to be cleaned.  I guess the plan is for new paint and carpet in the coming weeks and months.  It’s taking longer than we would like but some of it is because of our building management’s insurance.  So, we will wait and see.


Joan65 said...

Hi Amy,

I hope you enjoyed your trip and you and Bob got your clothes back. It's been awhle since your posted. I trust you and Bob are well.

Laura said...

How are you?? Thinking about you and hoping you're okay...