Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Weekend

Things have been OK. Work is still...the same. My boss is frustrating. My co-workers rock for the most part. My job is just OK. I put in an application with my dream company in Madison, WI. The competition is fierce and the odds of getting a job there pretty nil, but you never know.

We got our clothes back from the garment restoration place. I have yet to go through everything and put it away. It seems an overwhelming task. Bob and I are going to go through it all together and make piles to keep, give away, and consign. There is just so much. Who knew we had so much stuff?

We spent most of yesterday at the MN Landscape Arboretum. It was beautiful. Everything was in bloom and it was just magical. We brought a picnic and had lunch and then spent hours just wandering around enjoying the blooming beauty.

Our patio garden is planted and booming. I planted geraniums, snap dragons, and petunias. I also planted morning glories for Bob. So far all is growing and doing well although 2 snap dragons snapped off in the straight line winds we had today.

Today we did a whole lot of nothing. We did go to Target to get things we needed. $100 later, we drove home in the middle of an amazing storm. At one point we thought we would be taken in a forming tornado. As we were driving home, we could see the clouds above us rotating. The winds were high and fierce and all the cars on the road slowed to a crawl. It was scary. We found out later that a tornado touched down in Coon Rapids and Hugo. The devastation in Hugo is immense. Homes destroyed, lives lost, people hurt and unaccounted for. It's so sad and just so unbelievable.

I realized tonight that I moved here 10 years ago Memorial weekend. It was really May 31st 1998 but it was Memorial weekend. There was a severe storm that weekend too. I spent my first night in an interior room in the basement. Hail damage was prolific throughout the metro. It was scary then too. Weird that the weather was much the same 10 years previous.

Tomorrow I hope to get some laundry done, run a couple of errands, grill a nice dinner, and maybe get a start on going through our clothes. I just know that I am so thankful for the extra day off.

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LAP said...

That cloud was crazy, I was in a friend's backyard and totally watched it form with scary feathering and looked more like a spell than a cloud.