Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I started getting sick Sunday afternoon. I knew what it was the minute I felt it coming on. People have been coming to work sick for a week and now I have it. My head hurts. My joints hurt. There is a muscle in my lower back that just aches and aches. I haven't been able to breathe out of my left nostril for 3 days. I stayed home from work yesterday and came home at noon today. I am about to go to bed after I type this and it's only 4. Blech.

We got a letter from the insurance company telling us to go to one of the furniture companies listed in order to find a replacement sofa and loveseat. I stopped at a local place right after work today. They knew right away how to fill out the forms and what to look for. I found a beautiful Flexsteel sofa and complimentary chair. The furniture people filled out the forms and faxed them in. We should know within a couple of days if our quote was accepted. If so, we will get new furniture! Yay!

I went through all the things returned to us from the garment place. I ended up making piles. The largest pile was the "keep" pile. We also created the "consign" pile, the "Goodwill" pile, and the "rummage sale" pile. Now all our closets are cleaned out and organized except for 1 and that's Bob's job.

When I took the consign pile to the consignment store I found out I had a $15 credit. I got 2 new faux Kate Spade purses and some baby clothes to give as a gift to a co-worker going on paternity leave this week.

Oh! Speaking of that. There were 5 of us that talked about and decided to go in on a gift for our co-worker. He and his wife are struggling financially just like the rest of us and they didn't yet have a carseat. The wife is having a C-section tomorrow and co-worker's last day before leave was yesterday. We agreed to pool our money and get them the carseat. However, our boss caught wind of the plan and emailed me. She said she heard we were going in on something and she would like to join us. Not only that but she planned on getting a gift card with our pool of money. Who does that? Who butts in to a group gift and then demands we give them a certain thing? I ended up emailing her and telling her it wasn't an office thing but a lunch bunch thing since the 5 of us go to lunch once a week or so and that we had decided to get a carseat. She emailed back to say we should open it to the whole office and the carseat is fine. Oh, thank you! It worked out in the end and our co-worker was touched beyond words. I wasn't there to see him since I was sick but everyone said he was really choked up by the gift. Awesome!

Today I got an email from my boss saying that I had to watch my unexcused absences because in the past 2 months I'd been sick for 2 days and had taken 2 days to deal with the aftermath of the fire. I emailed her back to say I knew that the sick days were considered unexcused but that the fire wasn't something I could control and why would those days count against me. She said that any unexcused days were days not planned for ahead of time. I agree but who can plan a fire? One of my co-workers said that it just goes to show that our boss does not have a great deal of empathy. I guess I have to agree. I am just counting the days until she goes on maternity leave. Only 7 more days.

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