Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Degree Comes in Handy...Who Knew?

I just applied for the perfect job for me.  It is for a public relations officer within the state of Florida environmental protection offices.  Basically every class I took towards getting my BS in Communications was training for this job.  I don’t know if they will seriously look at persons outside the state of Florida but I won’t know if I don’t try.  I was just so excited to see the posting and apply.  It’s in an area we hadn’t yet considered as it is more inland but is only 25-30 miles away from the coast.  So we could live near the coast and I could commute.  Not bad.

Today I told someone we were considering moving and their immediate reaction was, “Don’t you know how hot it gets there?” And my immediate reaction is, “Don’t you know how cold it gets here?”  And in regards to erratic weather, did anyone see the news that there were tornado touchdowns in Wisconsin last night?  That’s one state over…about 200 miles from me.  So we know from erratic weather.  We just think it would be nice to have erratic weather AND ocean access.

Did I write about my PT yesterday?  I think I did.  No more walking cast, stretching and strengthening exercises, checking in once more this week and twice next week and then a re-evaluation.  Did I tell you about the 12-13 year old boy I was about to kill while hanging out in the waiting room?  Seriously, this kid sniffled that wet, snarfly sniffle at 1-4 second intervals for 20 minutes!  I was about to jab the RX advertising office pens into my ears with the PT showed up.   Sheesh, we were in the waiting room of a medical building.  I’m sure there was a tissue somewhere nearby.

What is going on with the weekend of January 19th that almost all of my RSVP regrets are coming back with, “We hope you have a great party but we can’t come due to it’s XXX’s birthday that weekend and we are celebrating.”  Seriously, I have received nearly a dozen of these.  Were all my friends and /or their family members born on January 18th, 19th or 20th?  Weird.

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Kbg said...

LOL on the hot/cold weather thing...perfect answer.

And, justsoyouknow, for the Weekend of January 19th, we have two birthday parties, one regular bridge game night, one three day swim meet over that weekend, a choir performance that morning, a retirement party, and a scout campout...all on that one weekend...what is the DEAL???? Good thing I didn't have to turn down your invitation also, isn't it? It might just have sent me over the edge! (And, btw, I always love small parties the best...they are the most fun in the long run in my mind...and I am sure yours will be lovely...Congratulations by the way!)