Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I went to the place where I was to take my property and casualty license today. When I checked in, I gave my name and spelled it. The check-in chick said, "Oh! Just like your instructor!" I asked who that might be and when she told me, I about choked. My husband's brother was teaching my class! Freaky. At first it was a little weird but after about an hour, he just became my instructor, not my brother-in-law.

I have another class tomorrow but he's not teaching it, some other guy is. I'm not sure how I'll do on this test. I think now I should have scheduled the test for Saturday or Monday instead of first thing Friday morning. I don't think I allowed myself enough prep/study time. There are 2 seven and a half hour classes and then we should put another 7-10 hours of personal study time in as well and I am no where near having that much study time. Yipe!

Bob went to the doctor today. He was supposed to just have a physical but he's been struggling health-wise. He is exhibiting similar symptoms to a time about 3 or 4 years ago when he was actually hospitalized in ICU for breathing difficulties and extreme water weight gain. We were fairly sure that after seeing him, the doc would admit him to the hospital again today but that didn't happen. Instead, he took a bunch of blood, some x-rays, urine, and other tests. Then, he is working with other doctors in the clinic and is working on scheduling one day for all of the necessary physicians to see Bob. That way, Bob won't have to go to appointment after appointment, which is a good thing. In the meantime, the doc prescribed diuretics for him so he might be able to pee off some of that water weight. Also, Bob said if he feels like he is putting on more water weight and isn't feeling much better in the next day or two, he will admit himself to the hospital. That makes me feel better. Still, we don't have any answers right now. The doctor said that while he was very concerned, he didn't think it was a matter of life or death right now. I hope he's right.

When Bob gets this sick, I just worry. He jokes that with him gone and out of the way, I can marry a real man and have a real marriage. You don't even want to know how angry this makes me. If I were to lose him now, I'd probably just pack up and leave and start over somewhere where no one knows me and I don't have to really deal with anyone. Maybe become a hermit and live and work off the beach taking pictures of tourists for cash. Although I don't really know what I would do. I just hope I don't have to find out any time soon.

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Yvonne said...

I hope Bob is feeling much better by today. Thinking of both of you.