Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What is going on at Flickr?

Um, I just got a note on one of my Flickr pics from a guy asking me to comment on the size of his "meat". How do these freaks and weirdos find me? I had to block him. He had hundreds of contacts but only 3 of his own pictures. 2 of which were of him holding his, um, "meat". Gack!

Poor Bob. He went to the dentist today and found out that he has a pretty bad case of gum disease. Also, he needs 3 of his wisdom teeth pulled. Since it's been so long since his last dentist visit, they are cleaning his teeth in quadrants. Today they did the upper right side. His next appointment is on the 12th. They will clean 2 quadrants that day, leaving 1 quadrant for cleaning. They gave him a coupon for a SoniCare toothbrush. I am jealous. When we get our tax return, we will go and get him one.

Work is still crazy busy. The weather is still crazy cold. We are still planning on moving to Florida. That's about all that's going on from here.


LAP said...

Ew to flickr ick, I only have problems with myspace ick. I am excited to get together after I get back from FL and tell you how my parents like their area, etc. But sadly that's also why I must decline your super fun invitation because we leave on 2/14. I so would have loved MST3000 with you!

Yvonne said...

Yuck about Flickr. And poor Bob, that can't be comfortable.