Friday, January 25, 2008

I Passed!

After much study, worry, and anxiety, I took the Property and Casualty licensing exam this morning and passed! I passed with a 72, so I just barely eked by. I was hoping I would either pass or fail spectacularly. There is nothing worse than failing just under the 70 mark. If I'd tested and ended up with a 69 or 68...well that would just irk me to no end. Thankfully that was not the case. Now I just have to apply for the actual license and if I so desired, I am now all licensed up with a Property/Casualty AND Life/Health license so I could sell insurance. However, I am not so sales inclined. My current job requires me to have the Life and Health license because I service annuity products. There are other jobs out in Big Bank Co land that require a P&C license, not because of sales but again, because of servicing. Anyway, right after the test, I called my brother-in-law and left a message on his voice mail to let him know he was off the hook because I passed.

I do have more observations about taking classes with the masses. First off, when the instructor says, "Please turn your cell phones off or to vibrate", that means everyone. Yes, even you! There were 2 guys sitting behind me who left their phones on and every time they got a text (which was at least 4 times an hour), their phone chimed. Also, we were given a 10 minute break every hour. Yet at every break, all the guys immediately pulled out their cell phones and began making/taking calls. What is so urgent that occured in the past 50 minutes that can't wait until lunch or after class? Also, there was one guy who texted during the entire class. Arg! Finally, what is the deal with guys having to back their cars into parking spaces? There were at least a dozen guys who held up the parking lot because instead of just pulling into a space, they pulled up and then backed up and swung around and then backed in. Is it really so hard to back out of a space? Really? Is it harder than backing into the space to begin with? Thank God I'm done with that. At least until we move and I have to do it all over again for another state.

Bob is doing OK. He's still not 100%. He is going to the bathroom more frequently and is losing some of the water weight. His legs, feet, and ankles are still puffy but not as bad as they were earlier in the week. His blood oxygen is still really (dangerously in my opinion) low in the morning but he is working on breathing more deeply and using oxygen when needed. The clinic called and they have him scheduled to see 2 specialists next Friday and 2 more specialists the Friday following. I already have permission to take half days both days in order to accompany him on those trips. I hope we find out something and that it isn't more of the same where they say, "Well, we see that you have these symptoms but we don't know why, what causes them, or really how to treat you." Bob hates that. Well, I don't love it, but I know doctors only know what they know. We are going to the University hospital which is also where the MDA clinic is, so maybe with everyone working together they will figure it out this time.

Florida stuff has been on the back burner but with February fast approaching, I need to get a move on the application process. I am compliling our tax info this weekend and setting up our tax appointment and after that, it's all Florida job information acquisition.

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