Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Coke Addict

I made it 2 ½ days without a soda of any kind.  I caved today at 1:45 and bought a fountain coke from our cafeteria.  The second I sipped, I stopped being tired, crabby, and annoyed.  Ah Coca-Cola how I hate the love I have for your brown bubbly goodness.  I am starting over tomorrow though.  Bob and I had a deal.  He would give up smoking and I would give up soda and we would help each other.  He caved early Monday morning and I didn’t cave until this afternoon.  Addiction is so fricking hard to break off.

Yesterday I came to work to find an email from my boss saying that a woman would be coming around later in the day to take our photos for ID badges. Um, some kind of warning would have been nice.  I don’t usually wear makeup to work and I was wearing brown.  I don’t want my ID badge to forever show me in brown.  Gah.  Plus my hair was wonky and I have zits on my chin.  It’s going to be the best ID badge EVAH!  Oh, and then the gal taking the pictures says she told our boss a week ago that she was coming.  Nice.

I managed to get nearly half the photos I took over the weekend cleaned up and posted to Flickr and Facebook.  I will work on the rest tonight…if I don’t keel over first.  I don’t know why I’m so tired.  I went to bed early last night and when my alarm went off this morning I couldn’t believe it.  It didn’t feel like I’d slept at all.  Then, when I got to work, one of the first people to see me said, “Oh, you look so tired today.”  Good thing I’m not getting my photo taken for the ID badge today I guess.

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Mari said...

I have a similar addiction to diet coke. and coffee. and I'm NOT giving them up. EVER!