Monday, April 28, 2008

Good and Bad

Good: Service Master spent much of the day cleaning our apartment today. Bob said they cleaned our marbles one by one!
Bad: We have to stay in the hotel until at least Thursday.
Good: I had an interview today. The man interviewing me told me that he received 295 applications for this one position and thatI was one of only 9 people chosen to actually interview for the position.
Bad: My cell phone was stolen when I ran into Walgreens for 1 minute.
Good: Our apartment management is having the rest of the apartment building cleaned.
Bad: We still don't know if/when our walls, ceiling, floor will be cleaned.
Good: Bob is sleeping at the hospital tonight due to a previously scheduled sleep study.
Bad: Bob has to endure a sleep study tonight.
Good: Bob sent me flowers at work to cheer me up after having a really bad week.
Bad: They arrived Thursday afternoon when I wasn't at work. I got them this morning and the tulips had already lost their petals.
Good: I got a lot done at work today.
Bad: My boss still thinks I'm a chump.
Good: I was one of 9 people interviewed for a position 295 people applied for.


BOSSY said...

Oy, hang in there, kid.

Yvonne said...

{{{hugs}}} for the good things and more {{{{hugs}}}} for the not so good things.

Amy said...

So have you heard anything back on the interview yet? I hope it went well!

black and white and read all over said...

Looks like we have both had to deal with fires lately. I hope you guys are home and settled back in with the kittys and Bob is feeling better. Annie

Laura said...

Are you okay??