Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tax Day

Well I survived tax day. I was getting more and more transactions to process up to today however, yesterday's 60+ transactions gave way to todays 112! I will still have quite a few tomorrow but today was the big day. As a reward, we finally hit 70 degrees outside! I know that's not my personal reward, but it sure felt like it. Since I worked through lunch yesterday and today, my boss is letting me go at 2 on Friday! THAT'S my reward, I guess. Still, I was able to sit outside on our patio for an hour, enjoying the warmth of the sun and it sure felt rewarding to me.
Of course the cold I've been fighting for about a week picks last night and today to become full blown. I hate spring/summer colds.
We did have a bit of excitement here yesterday. I'm not sure how much I can tell but here's some back story: We live in an apartment building. Down the hall from us lived a man named Mike who suffered from MS. He could not do anything for himself so he had a live in couple taking care of him. I will just call them Guy and Gal.

Bob knew Guy from the old days in "the hood" and befriended Mike. Bob would go watch football games at Mike's apartment during the winter. Once football season was over, Bob would go watch game shows with him. He felt so bad for Mike because his disability robbed him of his freedom and abilities. Bob spent as much time with Mike as he could because he liked his company and he felt sometimes that Guy and Gal weren't taking as good of care of Mike as they could.

Last week Guy broke up with Gal and left her alone at Mike's. So began her downward spiral. She kept coming to our apartment asking to use our phone. Then she began to ask us to drive her around to see if she could find Guy. (He took their only car.) We said no and told her we didn't want to get in the middle of their thing.

Well Guy came back last night to pick up his stuff. Gal went crazy and began yanking parts off their car in order to try and keep him here. She hid the parts around the landscaping of the apartment grounds. She kept following him and we could hear him screaming at her outside. This went on for hours and while they were fighting, no one was taking care of Mike. Bob went down to see how Mike was doing and he asked him to call his daughter. Bob did. The daughter called the police (as did some people in our building). The police came and it turns out Gal had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear. The police hauled her off to jail, Guy finally got his car put back together and started, and Bob stayed with Mike, doing what he could for him.

I went to bed around 10 but at 2am our phone rang. I thought it was Bob calling from Mike's for help. When I answered I heard a recorded message saying someone from our county jail was placing a collect call and if I accepted the charges I should press 1. I hung up. The phone rang 3 more times until finally, at 2:30, it stopped ringing. Bob was hella mad. He couldn't believe Gal was calling US to come bail her out. Turns out she hadn't really been caring for Mike at all once Guy left her. She did the bare minimum to keep him somewhat healthy but not nearly what he needed to be comfortable.

Today Mike's daughter came to get him and some of his stuff. Bob helped her load Mike into our van and he followed her to a local hospital where Mike will stay until a space opens up at a local nursing home. Bob is sad it's come to this for Mike, but I think it's the best thing for him. He will get the best kind of care and will have more opportunities for socialization and mobility. We also learned that Gal got bailed out and may be coming back here. She thinks she still has a job and a place to live but she is wrong on both counts.

I am just glad that I am married to a man with the level of compassion, wisdom, bravery, and loyalty Bob carries with him every day. He sees a complete human being in everyone no matter their physical abilities. He's amazing and my life would not be complete without him.

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black and white and read all over said...

OMG. What a nightmare. It's really a good thing not to get involved in that type of situation. bravo to you both.