Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Still Kinda Sucking

Yeeps it’s been a while since I wrote anything.  Mostly it’s because it is tax season and things at work are crazy busy.  When I get home I’m exhausted and mostly just eat and go to bed an hour later if I can which is usually still before 8pm.  I love the nightlife.  I love to boogie.

Anywhoodle.  Since writing last week’s scintillating entry about the suckitude of life, life has…sucked less but continued to suck nonetheless.  The one bright shining moment when life was pretty much suck free was this past weekend when I drove to Hometownland to visit family and attend the wedding of some good friends.  There were some moments of suck but nothing like Hoovering going on during the week.

The drive home is never one to really look forward to.  However, this drive was beautiful.  I saw eagles soaring in the bright, warm, pre-Spring sky.  I listened to a fascinating mystery book on CD.  I stopped whenever the mood struck me instead of my usual method of driving which seems to consist of trying to beat everyone “there”.  Still, I made such good time that I entered Hometownland earlier than expected. I decided to treat myself to a manicure at Hometownland’s cheap manicure place.  This would have been a great idea if I’d just learn to keep my hands to myself.  While walking from the manicurist’s table to the hand dryer, I managed to mess a tiny ridge on one nail.  The technician took one look at it and announced, “You messed it!  It was perfect and you messed it.  Now I fix.”  I spent a good 20 minutes extra there due to my clumsiness.

The time with my family was short but sweet.  My mom joked that she was going to kidnap me and hold me hostage because she misses me.  I laughed but at the time (and still today) that actually sounded like Heaven.  I am struggling with feeling so overwhelmed with all that’s on my shoulders that I wish I could go back and be her little girl again and let her take care of me.  Although to be honest, I’m sure that would last about 8.2 seconds before I would buck the system and leave again to do things on my own.  I’ve got a bad case of the “I do its”.

The wedding was wonderful.  It was the perfect reflection of both the bride and groom, both of whom I know.  I still struggle when I see young people in love recite their vows.  I want so much for them to only experience the “For better” and “For richer” portions and yet I know from experience that the “For worse” and “For poorer” are there for a reason.  I want them never to have to struggle with the temptation to leave.  I want them never to struggle with the thought, “What have I gotten myself into?”  I want them never to have to look down the marital road and see pain and suffering.  Still, I guess that’s why we use those traditional vows; so much said with such earnest innocence.

On Sunday, I couldn’t sleep past 7…again.  So I got myself up and checked myself out of the hotel.  I drove to the capital building of the city I was visiting and took a bunch of photos.  Then I drove to the University in the same city and took more pictures.  Then I drove to Target to get coffee and some stuff.  (Only in WI will you see a guy hefting a case of Miller Genuine Draft out of a Target store at 9am on a Sunday morning.)  After Target I visited another store and then it was time to meet my family for lunch and a little birthday celebration for my youngest nephew.  Then, all too soon, it was time for me to drive home and back to reality. 

When I got home, I stopped for take out for dinner.  I got home, unloaded and dished up the food.  Once we ate, I cleaned up and began cutting up the cheese I bought while visiting our nation’s Dairyland.  While cutting the cheese (Ha!) a friend of mine called.  While talking with her, I managed to finish cutting the cheese (Ha again!) and bag it up, unpack, and upload the photos from my camera to m y computer. When we were done talking, I was done, done, done and it was off to bed.  Bob was glad to have me back and truthfully, I was glad to be home even it means living in the land of suckitude right now.


Natalie said...

Hi Amy - longtime reader, hardly ever leave a comment. I am living in the valley of suckiness also right now.
Anyway, just wanted to say that I am glad you are back!

black and white and read all over said...

I hope things stop sucking soon. Glad you at least had a nice weekend.