Thursday, June 05, 2008

This and That

We are having severe weather this evening. I drove to the Target minute clinic after work in a downpour of dime size hail. At first I thought I ran over something but didn't see anything in the road. Then I realized it was hailing on me. It didn't last long. Soon enough it was raining cats and dogs. I ran into Target but by the time I reached the door, I was soaked. The doctor at the minute clinic suggested using saline nasal spray and Sudafed until Monday. If I still feel stuffy and full of fluid after that, I need to make an appointment with my regular Dr to see if something else can be done.

I bought a NOAA weather radio today. We are supposed to be getting strong storms overnight and I thought this would be the best way to keep track of any tornadic activity or severe weather. We sleep with a fan on and might not hear the sirens if there were to go off.

Why have 2 different people asked me if purchases I've made in the past month are for my grandchildren? I am only 40! Grandchildren? Really?

Speaking of children, Bob and I are going to attend an informational meeting on Tuesday for foster parenting in our county. It should be interesting. If we go ahead with it, we will make our dining area Bob's office and turn our 2nd bedroom back into a bedroom for the foster kid(s). Bob would be the primary parent and it might be something that ends up giving him some direction and sense of purpose. Who knows. I guess we will decide after the meeting.

I am excited about our upcoming vacation. We are leaving July 4th and driving to Milwaukee to attend the wedding of one of my dearest friends. After that, we are driving to MI to spend time at a cabin on a lake. It is near the Sleeping Bear Dunes and I can't wait to explore and traipse about that area. Only a month to go.

Bob received free tickets to see Boston and Styx at the Hinckley casino next weekend. We wanted to go and when we tried to buy the tickets we were told it was sold out. Today he received the notice that he could get free tickets based on his membership level. He called right away and we are in! Score!

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