Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Interruption to Vacation Logs

On Sunday my dad told me that my brother and his wife had spent some time in the ER because my sister-in-law had been having severe abdominal/pelvic pain.  He said it could be nothing but it might be cancer.  He didn’t have a lot of details and said I should contact my brother or my sister-in-law for more information.  My brother had few details but said they were pretty positive because the ER doc said the CT scan showed rounded objects on her ovaries and round is better than jagged.  An appointment had been set up with an OB for early in the week and we all waited.

The diagnosis came back as probable ovarian cancer.  She has a tennis ball sized tumor on one ovary and a golf ball size tumor on the other as well as something on top of her uterus.  She is waiting to hear from a UW specialist as to what’s next though we suspect a full hysterectomy and chemotherapy. Other than that, we have no other information.  The waiting is truly the hardest part.

This is shocking news to us all.  It is not supposed to happen to someone as young and vibrant and beautiful as my sister-in-law (not that it should happen to anyone at all).  I thought maybe she was suffering from fibroids or endometriosis.  Both of those could produce the pain she’d been suffering and were fairly easily remedied.  It was not supposed to be cancer.   She’s only 37 and she has 2 young sons to mother.   Her youngest son is 11 and has asked her several times if she is going to die.  He is a mama’s boy in the sense that he loves his mommy and thinks she hung the moon.  Her eldest is 13 and not very outwardly emotional or demonstrative.  He is probably processing this internally since he hasn’t really had much of a reaction to the news yet.  My brother is a rock and is doing what he can to encourage everyone else.

Needless to say, our prayer lives have amped up considerably.  If you are a praying person, could you please add my sister-in-law and her family to your prayers?  We would really appreciate it, thank you.

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Joan65 said...

Sorry to her about this, Amy. I'm praying things will work out well for her.