Monday, July 28, 2008

Things on my Mind

Things on my mind today.

Who is Leann Chin trying to fool with their new frozen yogurt line?  Red  Cherry, really?  I am surprised Pink Berry hasn’t cried foul and put a stop to this post haste.  Plus, who thinks to combine fast food Chinese and frozen yogurt?  Good luck with that.

There is a commercial on TV right now that is advertising some kind of new trail-mix nut assortment.  I’ve never heard of this snack or the company selling it before so I assume it’s new.  However, they keep calling their product a nut snack and the 11 year old boy in me snickers EVERY time they say this because I cannot hear “nut snack” without really hearing “nut sack”.  I know.  I’m mature.

Bob found that has a book publishing site at where he can get his book of poetry published.  They don’t require funds up front but will take a portion of any sales/royalties once it’s complete.  Bob’s book is roughly 90 pages of a good mix of his poems from early days to now.  We have edited it, created a cover, and we are waiting for a proof copy just to see if what we’ve designed is going to work.  Once we OK the proof, they will print it and we can begin selling it.  I created a website for the book at Blogspot and we had business cards printed for Bob to hand out as part of promoting it.  He is as excited as a little boy at Christmas.  Here’s the website link:  We will update it as the publish date draws near.

All this business card creating and ordering made me realize that I have never had business cards printed up.  So I went to a site that allows people to put their own photographs on the backs of each card and had some printed.  I am calling the name of my photography company Captivated.  I was invited to be the main photographer for the 2008 MN MDA Labor Day Telethon.  Granted I would photograph the event anyway, but they told me this year that the other guy that shows up every year to take pictures is going to be assigned an area whereas I will be given carte blanche to photograph the event.  Also, tomorrow I am meeting with a guy at one of the local community colleges to talk about their digital photography program.

I can’t wait until Wednesday!  After work Bob and I are going to his sister’s town and we are going to join her family on their new boat!  Yay!  So much fun.  And while today and tomorrow are hazy, hot, and humid with highs in the 90’s and dew points in the 70’s Wednesday is supposed to the be nicest day of the week!  Yippee skippee.

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