Thursday, March 15, 2007

Burbly Tummy

I am back at work today.  Im not feeling 100%, but am able to sit in a chair, stare at a computer screen and type. Although in my light headed befuddlement, I did make a rather large, but not horrendous error this morning.  It was corrected and everything is fine now.  I am just embarrassed that I made it.

Recovering from stomach illness is hard.  First, when you are in the midst of the illness, you notice that every daytime TV commercial is for food.  My stomach rolled and lurched through my sick days.  Oh, and Bob kept asking me if I was hungry and then would name food he thought would be good for me to eat.  I ate nothing the first day and only peanut butter toast the second day.  I drank Gatorade, water, and 7-up.  Today I was finally feeling hungry but was kind of at a loss as to what to eat.  I had my peanut butter toast for breakfast and had to run errands at lunch.  While I was out, I stopped at a local soup place to get some soup.  Soup sounded good.  Soup is good for you!  Unfortunately, this place specializes in soup and therefore had a dozen soups on hand, not all of them smelling or looking good. I had a hard time standing in line with my burbly tummy.  I ordered a chicken and rice soup and went on my way.  Both breakfast and lunch tasted good but neither sat 100% well.  Oh, they stayed where they were supposed to stay, but my tummy rolled and rumbled and I still felt lightheaded and woozy.  Oh well, I think it takes some time to overcome illness, no matter the malady.

Surprisingly, my boss was kind and open upon my return.  Interestingly, tomorrow is my performance review.  I am not expecting much.  No raise most likely and maybe a write up of some kind.  Well see what happens.

Tonight Bob and I have to attend a board meeting for MDA.  I am bumming because I would like nothing more than to go home and lie on the couch and watch ABC all night.  I hope we dont get into the long winded board meeting and can make it home early enough for me to hit the hay before 10pm.  I am a party animal!  Woo!

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