Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm Here! I'm Here!

Where have I been?  Ive been here but busy.  And as each day passes without adding an entry, it gets easier to not add another entry.  Tax time is crazy at work, yet we are still no where near as busy this year as in years past. 

Anyway, heres what Ive been up to:

1.)     I went home to visit my family.  It was a nice visit.  My mom and I went shopping and to lunch.  A friend and I went shopping and to lunch.  The weather was freakin warm.  I saw my first robin of the season as I pulled into my parents driveway and heard them singing their little hearts out as I got out of my car. 

2.)     I have decided to begin looking into starting my own photography business.  I have a name, a concept, an idea for a website, and the desire to get started.  I need to research pricing, advertising, and marketing.  I would also like to get a couple of new pieces of equipment as well. (An auxiliary flash and a zoom lens.

3.)     My cousin is getting married in September in Seattle and Bob and I decided to forgo our usual annual vacation and instead are going to drive cross country.  Along the way we will stop in Sioux Falls, SD, the Black Hills, the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, Montana, and Idaho.  We also want to see the Pacific Ocean since neither one of us as seen it.  We are super excited about this and cannot WAIT!

4.)     I am having iPod anxiety.  This means that as soon as a song comes on, I want to push the next button just to hear whats coming up next.  Its not like I want to actually hear the song, I just want to know whats next.  Anyone else experience this?

5.)     Bob and I went for a walk on Monday night because it was 80 degrees in the tundra.  We walked almost 4 miles to the local subshop (which happens to be conveniently located next to a DQ).  About a mile from home, Bobs wheelchair lost power.  I had to push him the rest of the way.  I have been sore every day following.  Holy heck what a workout!  Of course ever since that day, the weather has been colder and grey and rainy.  I want my spring back.

6.)     Bob is getting extra excited about our patio garden.  He wants to go shopping this weekend for Morning Glory seeds and soil so he can get a jump on them this year.  Cute!

So thats my update in a nutshell.  I will be working on keeping more up to date in the coming days.  Also, click my Flickr link to see all my most recent photos from my trip home, the walk I took with Bob, and a party for a co-worker.


Dawn said...

Glad you finally updated. I missed ya!!! I was starting to get worried!

Gael said...

We did the Mpls to Seattle journey when we moved out here! We spent the first night in Dickinson, ND (in the most AWESOME hotel with the BEST water park/pool), the second night in Butte, Montana, and the third night in Spokane (we could have pushed on to Seattle but didn't want to rush).

It's a wonderful, fun trip, though Montana gets awfully long after a while.

The Pacific Ocean is another couple hours from Seattle, but you can certainly get there if you're determined. It's not quite the Malibu Beach scenery you may have grown up on up this far north, but it's still lovely. And in Seattle proper there is plenty to see and do.