Tuesday, March 06, 2007

*Sniff, sniff*

Have you ever put on a favorite perfume after some time away from it and not liked how it smelled on ya?  I always had two signature scents.  In the winter I wear Vicky’s Secret Divine.  I LOVE that scent.  It reminds me of a grown up Love’s Baby Soft.  In spring and summer, I always wore Elizabeth Arden’s Sunflowers.  I ran out of Divine over the weekend and today decided we are close enough to spring so I could wear the Sunflowers.  I put one spritz on one wrist and rubbed it against the other and then rubbed both against my neck.  Now I am sitting at my desk hating the smell of my once favorite perfume.  Maybe my body chemistry changed or they changed something in the formula of the perfume.  Whatever it is, I don’t like it and am disheartened that I need to find a new spring and summer signature scent.


Midge said...

How long have you had it? Perfume can go bad (which you prolly already know) and then, hooo-eee, it is rank!

Dawn said...

The same thing happened to me with my favorite scent, "Happy" by Clinique. I was pretty sad, as I loved that perfume. It also made me mad, because it was a new bottle!! I, too was wondering why that happens. :-(

Weetabix said...

I was just going to suggest that you try "Happy" by Clinique, as it has some of the same notes of "Sunflowers", but is cleaner and less floral. It's my own spring scent! Also, very nice is "Light Blue" by D&G.