Monday, March 31, 2008

Life Sucks

I didn’t get the job.  Sometimes I wonder what in the world is wrong with me.  The manager that interviewed me told me that she gave an offer to someone else and it was accepted.  Then she said that I would make a fine addition to their team so as they grow she will keep me in mind.  That is small consolation right now.  I have been in this department for almost 5 years.  I have been to countless interviews in other departments and interviewed for other jobs.  I have not been offered another position (except the one they offered me 2 years ago that they rescinded shadily.)  I am the last original person left in my department from when I first started.  Everyone else has found jobs in other, better departments.  What is the deal?  Why can I not get hired out of here?

In other news, it is snowing here.  We are in the midst of a mini blizzard and are expected to get a possible 10 inches before it’s over tomorrow.  Thankfully, it is supposed to get near 60 this weekend.

Bob’s appointment on Friday was OK.  He performed fine during the pulmonary function tests.  However, his pulmonologist wants him to be on oxygen 24/7.  Bob rejected that.  He does not want to be tied to tubes right now.  He feels that if he has to use oxygen all the time, he will become reliant on it and he is not ready for that.  The pulmonologist was OK with Bob saying he would use the oxygen tanks he has at home when he feels winded and he will work on deep breathing several times throughout the day.  Also, he is going to be scheduled for another sleep study because the doctor really thinks a bi-pap while he sleeps will help.  Bob is OK with looking into that.  We still don’t have any answers from the cardiologist yet but his pulmonologist said he would look into it and see what happened there.

On Friday I hadn’t yet seen a robin for myself but we could hear them singing at night before the sun went down.  On my way home from work I accidentally hit one as it flew across the road.  It literally seemed to fly into the grill of my car.  What a way to welcome spring.


Laura said...

I'm sorry you didn't get it. Have you considered using your alma mater's career services center? At my school, all alumni (free of charge) can utilize their resume review service, and be videotaped in a mock interview, and then critiqued afterwards. It may be that you're not presenting yourself as well as you could, either on paper or in person.

Robin said...

I'm sorry to hear that you didn't get the job. Our pastor spoke briefly on Sunday morning to people in your situation, people who are tired of their jobs and don't understand why they can't seem to move away from them or find something else. His explanation is simple, God has us all in a place for a reason, for His purpose and when that purpose is fulfilled then He makes a way for us to move on to the next place on our path that He has laid out for us. This made it easier for me to come to work yesterday and even today my attitude is still a good one. It also has opened my eyes to what is it I'm supposed to be accomplishing for Him, cause the sooner I accomplish the sooner I get to move. Keep your chin up and your eyes on the field for it is ripe unto harvest!

Hillary said...

oh, that is a terrible way to see your first robin of spring. And I'm sorry you didn't get that job. I hope your week gets better.

Joan said...

Amy, I'm sorry you didn't get the job! Don't give up hope. The perfect job is waiting for you!

I hope you will update soon. I miss you!