Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Little Miss Maisey Mae

Turns out poor little Maisey had a bladder infection after all.  I left work at noon to go pick her up from the vet.  When I got there, they handed her to me on a leash.  I asked where her carrier and cat bed were.  They brought both out and the cat bed smelled of pee.  They presented the bill and I paid it but I noticed they hadn’t vaccinated her.  I had to wait another 10 minutes for the vet to give her the shots.  Sheesh.  We go to this vet because Bob used to work there as a vet tech and they give us an amazing discount but I was not pleased with the events of the day.  Even poor little Maisey smelled of pee.  We will have to bathe her and I am not looking forward to that especially after having to help Bob give her the antibiotics.  She is NOT a good patient.  Right now though she is on antibiotics and we are not changing food.  If it happens again we will have to look at changing her food.  My question is how do you change the food of 1 out of 4 cats?

Maisey is also not a good “sister”.  I brought her home and let her out of the cage.  Right away Zoë went to say hi and got a paw on the head for her trouble.  Chloe tried to be a better welcome ambassador and touched Maisey’s nose, licked her head, and then tried to rub up against her.  She also got a paw across the face for her trouble plus the hiss of doom.  Maisey just wants to be left alone.  Don’t be making a fuss over her.

Facebook brings people together again.  Did I tell you that I “found” the 3 girls I used to nanny for on the East Coast?  It’s been fun reconnecting with them and meeting their families.  Well, I learned it’s a small world after all because another connection has been made.  I just recently reconnected with a friend from my home town after a 10 year absence.  She asked me about my last name and said her family had known a man and his wife with that same last name and might we be related.  Turns out that her family knew my father-in-law (Bob’s dad) and his wife.  She also pointed me to a website that featured Bob’s dad’s story as a testimony of a life turned around.  I sent the link to Bob and he emailed the man who posted the link and they are now corresponding.  Everyone is connected!

We have to drive to Hastings again tonight to pick up my car.  I am going to try a different route in hopes that the first leg of the trip doesn’t take 50 minutes like it did on Monday.  Thankfully, my car’s air conditioning works again!  Just in time for a road trip on Friday.

Speaking of road trips…is it just me or do other people feel this way too?  Before I leave for any kind of trip I make sure the bed sheets are washed and clean and our home is picked up and cleaned as well.  Even if the trip is only 2 or 3 days.  There is nothing like coming home to a clean home and fresh sheets on the bed.  The only problem is I about kill myself before leaving for the trip trying to get everything done.

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bren said...

If you don't mind - explain your "work related incident" and maybe we could help you with an explanation to also include and show how you have grown etc. - ??

God has a purpose - hoping for success !