Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Let's Do it Again.

My weekend in WI was so much fun.  I spent quality time with old friends and yet it just wasnt long enough.  Friday night we checked into our hotel and then made tracks for State Street to find a place to eat.  The stores and shops on State Street may change, but State Street remains the same.  I love it.

After State Street, we drove back to the hotel to play games.  On the way there, we talked of old friends and who’s been in contact with whom.  One of my friends said she had not heard from a mutual friend for 3 or 4 years or more but he was still listed in her phone.  We urged her to call him just to see what would happen.  What happened was that he answered and we all got to talk with him for a little bit and catch up.  It was awesome.

When we got to the hotel, we played a couple of games of Nertz and watched old videos of ourselves from 12 or 13 years ago.  We also played Madlibs. We started out trying to be creative but by the end, we just gave ourselves completely to fatigue and debauchery and the Madlibs become kind of x-rated.  Then we just went to bed.

Saturday was the actual shower for my friend.  The shower was at a local Mexican restaurant and was filled with lots of friends and laughter.  It was fun and of course I took many pictures.

After the shower, I drove home to my folks house.  I did my laundry and while the first load was washing, my dad suggested I hang everything out to dry on the clothesline.  Then he found a laundry basket and the clothespins for me to use.  Thankfully I had dirty sheets in my possession which, once clean, were hung out to dry and now smell like sunshine and summer breezes.  Mmmmm.

Mom, Dad, and I walked to a local restaurant for dinner.  It was lovely.  The walk, the dinner, hanging with my parents, all of it was lovely.  The birds were singing songs Id never heard birds sing before.  The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, and it was just so nice.

The rest of Saturday night was spent hanging out with my parents and family friends who were also staying at my folks house.  We talked, laughed, looked at old photos, and just spent some time catching up.

I wish the rest of Saturday night would have been as nice.  I just didnt sleep well and woke up feeling groggy and achy.  A shower helped the grogginess but the actual cause of the achiness soon became apparent.  And it was 3 days early.  Thankfully, my mom had her own supply of Vicodin so I borrowed one from her.  I broke it in half so I could have some for later, just in case.

Sunday was church, lunch, and then the drive home.  I had hoped to make good time and get home early but the monsoon rain and torrential downpours I drove through prevented that.  Thankfully, it was only rain I drove through and not severe storms or tornados.  I did make it home eventually, picked up some dinner, unpacked, and went to bed wishing it was Friday instead of Sunday night and I could do it all over again.

We got good news yesterday!  The foster care social worker called and said she was sending us the next batch of information we need to fill out in order to become foster parents!  Whoot!  We made it through hoop one and are set to jump through hoops 2-?.   Also, my friend who is watching our cats while we are on vacation came over to get instructions and keys.  She is so awesome I have no worries at all about leaving them alone with her or her alone with them.  

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