Monday, June 09, 2008


Where did the weekend go?  Seriously, it was a whirlwind that never stopped.

Friday after work I drove to a local hospital with the intention of visiting a co-worker and his wife and their new baby girl. However, when I got there, he was being briefed by a nurse on his little girl’s health.  Seems she was sent to the NICU because she stopped breathing and turned blue.  They think her little lungs just didn’t quite develop and she still possibly had fluid in them. As of today, we found out that she will remain in the NICU for 1 to 2 weeks while her lungs get better.

After leaving the hospital I stopped at a local Thai restaurant to place a take out order.  They said they were backed up and it would take as long as an hour to get the food.  I said no problem and shuffled off to the nearby Target.  We got our insurance check from the fire and I needed to replace some stuff.  I got a new TV for Bob’s office.  The little 13 inch we had in there worked before the fire but not after.  The firemen said smoke has abrasive properties and it’s possible it made our TV go kablooey.  Target had 20 inch TVs for $125 so I got one for Bob.  We also had to replace the key hook/bulletin board by our front door.  I found a small shelf with cork board at the bottom and found a separate key hook thing.  I hung them both when I got home and our front door area looks like home again.  I was looking for a French memo/photo board as well since we had to get rid of the one we had hanging there but all I could find was one plastered with Hannah Montana.

After Target, I picked up our food and went home.  After we ate, I commenced to setting up and hanging the new stuff.  It feels nice to have things back in place.  Now we just need to go through some of our other stuff and see what we can get rid of.  I know there are things we are holding on to that are just gathering dust for no good reason.

Saturday I got up early to run errands and do laundry. I stopped at the bank and then went to Lowe’s where I purchased a garage locker/organizer thing and padlock.  I’ve seen these things for years selling for $100.  I got this one for $60.  I had to put it together but it wasn’t that hard.  Now we have a place to store all our camping and fishing gear.  Bob wasn’t sure about the purchase until he saw it put together and in use.  Now he says it was a great idea.

After Lowe’s I went to Petco to get cat food and replace the cat beds we had to get rid of after the fire.  There was a dog adoption going on and I am glad we don’t have a house/yard because one or more of those pups would have ended up going home with me.  They had a sweet little German shepherd pup in her gangly stage that I fell in love with.  They also had a white husky mix with blue eyes that was beautiful.  Also, there was a guy there with his Burmese Mountain Dog and I just about ran him off with my excited interest in her.  They are my favorite breed of dog.

After Petco I did laundry.  While at the Laundromat I realized I did not have my bank card.  I used it at Petco but when I called over there, no one had turned it in.  I ran to the bank nearby and cancelled it right away.  Good thing there are branches of my bank nearly everywhere.

After laundry I went home and put everything away.  I didn’t have a long time to linger as I had to shower and change and head over to a friend’s house for a surprise birthday party.  The party was a hit and the birthday girl was surprised.  I ended up staying there for quite some time.

On Sunday I did next to nothing.  It was awesome.  Still, the day ran away from me and I ended up going to bed far too late.  Bob said my alarm went off at midnight and he got up to turn it off and couldn’t get back to sleep.  Poor guy.  I never even heard it.  He said he even turned on the lights.  I never saw them either.  I woke up this morning feeling like I could sleep another hundred years.

Tomorrow night we are going to our first foster care info meeting.  It should be interesting.  I wonder what will become of it and us.

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