Thursday, June 12, 2008


Well our foster care application has been filled out, signed, and sent off.  Now we embark into the unknown and it’s kind of scary and yet we are both very excited.

Someone asked if we learned about any issues kids may come with and we did.  We learned that the majority of kids come into foster care due to their parents’ drug problems.  Therefore these kids have most likely not been parented at all.  They usually have not been disciplined, don’t have a schedule, can do whatever they want, don’t have set meal times or good nutrition, haven’t been taught manners or basic daily hygiene, haven’t had to follow any real family rules or do chores, and may have had serious traumatic events happen to them.  Nonetheless, all children, no matter what has happened to them want to be with their family and come to foster homes wounded and scared.  So, we will have our work cut out for us, no doubt.  We are talking about family rules now and how we will implement them.  We are talking about supporting each other and presenting a united front so the kids cannot divide and conquer.  We just want our home to be a safe place where kids can hang out and heal while their parents get their stuff together.

I happened across an opening at a local school while surfing the net the other day.  I applied for it and hope to hear back for an interview soon.  The school is only about 3 blocks from our house and the position is administrative in nature and pays more than I make now.  I hope I get it.  It starts July 21st and that would be a great time to start a new job, I think.

I paid $4.09/gallon to fill my tank on Monday.  Now gas is back down to $3.97/gallon.  It cost me $50 when in the past (when gas was under $2.00) I could fill my tank for $20.  I miss those days.  Bob’s van costs nearly $70 to fill these days.  Our little road trip vacation might end up being kind of pricey in the end especially if gas prices rise to $5 by July 4th as the rumors go.

Bob is taking our peeing cat to the vet first thing next week.  I don’t think it’s a health issue.  She’s always been iffy in her urination.  She peed on our bed quite a bit even when she was the only cat.  She likes things “just so” and if they aren’t to her liking, she pees her anger out.  Still, they will probably treat her for a bladder infection and she will get her shots updated.  The other cats will go in succession as well since they all need updating on their shots as well.

Work is so frustrating right now.  Today a banker called me all worked up and frustrated because I sent her form back with a note saying she used the wrong form.  She had a long story about how she didn’t know what product the customer had and couldn’t find anyone to help her and when she finally did, they didn’t know what form she needed.  When she finally found someone to send her the form it took forever to get the customer in to sign and now I’m telling her it’s the wrong form…wah!  I told her I would call the company and see if they would accept the other company’s form.  I called and found out that they would not accept it.  So I sent her and her service manager a long email of apology and explanation.  I attached the correct form to the email and CC’d my manager.  I was really proud of the customer service skills I used in helping calm this banker down and help the customer to as little additional impact as possible.  Not 30 seconds after I sent my email, my manager emailed me back and chided me for admitting fault and said we should never do so in writing.  Later, the banker called to thank me for my help and for the nice email and said she was sorry for jumping down my throat earlier.  Well, at least someone knows how to say thank you and good job.

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Yvonne said...

You did the right thing, have no doubt. Best of luck with the fostering opportunity.