Thursday, December 29, 2005

Grey, Grey Go Away

So, its another grey day here in Minnesocold.  Although to be honest, its not actually that cold here lately.  In fact, its been about 20 degrees warmer than is normal for this time of year.  BUT the weather-heads have been warning us that imminent snow is on the way and we could have 4-8 inches by tomorrow night. So then it will be grey and white.

Tonight is the shower for the in-law nephews and their women.  I didnt know it was to be a surprise party and could have blown it.  I had to call their mom and left a message on voicemail asking which of the 2 single sons was getting married and what his fiancée’s name was She told me that they didnt know about it so she couldnt talk long. Thankfully, they didnt hear the message and dont have any idea that something is up. That could have really backfired and made me the butt of in-law jokes for years to come (not that Im not already, of course).  I did get out during lunch and purchased gift cards for both boys and their women.  I also bought greeting cards to slip them in.  I cant believe what greeting cards go for now days.  My favorite card was $4.50!  Thats almost half what the actual gift card cost.  I didnt get it, I refuse to pay that much for paper thats just going to end up in the trash anyway.  So it should be an interesting evening tonight.  Still struggling with the thought that my nephews child will be older than my own child, should our child come at all.

Last night I went to my aunt and uncles house for what I thought was a family get together.  At my family Christmas shin dig, there was talk of getting together last Wednesday night at one of the uncles house in order to spend more time with an uncle that is from out of state.  But before THAT, another uncle set up a dinner at his house for last night for the family in order to spend time with his wife and daughter who were missing from the family Christmas shin dig.  I missed the first family dinner last Wednesday night because Bob and I had to go Christmas shopping.  But there was no way I would miss the family dinner this Wednesday night as my cousin is a good friend of mine and Ive missed her since she moved to LA some time ago.  I pulled up to their house in the gorgeous Linden Hills neighborhood and was slightly surprised to see no other cars on the street.  I parked, rang the doorbell, and saw that I was the only one present other than their immediate family.  Turns out, it had been decided at last weeks family dinner that one family dinner and one family Christmas is enough in one month.  However, they eagerly invited me in, set an extra place at the table and poured me a glass of yummy chardonnay.  I found out that they were celebrating their sons birthday early and had made a yummy Mexican dinner in his honor, somy mistake turned out to be a great deal for my tummy.

I was surprised when my uncle said grace before the meal.  I am pretty sure that in the past their family has just recited a traditional catholic prayer over dinner.  But this time, he prayed an actual conversational prayer.  It was nice.  They have had a really tough 2005 and my prayers go out on their behalf for a better 2006.  They really deserve it.  So, it was a nice evening spent talking, eating, imbibing a bit, and just catching up.  A good time was had by all even if it was only immediate family, me and my cousins girlfriend. I had intended to take my leave soon after dinner but ended up staying until 10. 

There is a guy at work that has increased my anxiety level 10-fold.  I will call this guy Newbie.  Hes young and fairly nice, but when he talks on the phone, he has a naturally loud voice.  He sits right in front of me and I cant help but hear every word he speaks.  Its quite distracting.  Not only that, but when he gets frustrated (which is often), he mutes his headset and swears and yells at the banker on the other end, making me jump every time.  I am hoping his manager talks to him soon and gives him some anger management techniques.  He takes everything so personally and allows the bankers to really get his dander up.  I pray for him to take PTO days.

The baby Jesus was left alone last night.  He was safe and sound in his own little manger bed.  I dont know if this means that Maisey has gotten bored with the game, or if she is just lulling us into a false sense of security. Or maybe Maisey went to diversity training and is learning to respect our beliefs.  Hee.

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