Sunday, December 25, 2005

I Can't Stay Away

I am really liking this space. I have added a site meter, my Flickr Badge, a bunch of links, and I can add photos. This rocks. I hope it works out. It feels like home and seems like a good fit. If you are a new visitor, welcome. If you moved over here with me from Diaryland and Yahoo, thanks! If you have your own blog, journal, or posting place, please share. I always enjoy finding new reads. Merry Christmas!


j n n said...

Hey - - Hope you had an EXCELLENT Christmas!! :-)

- - jnn

Cosmic said...

I like this place! It is YOU!

TB said...

Hi, I found you through a comment on Sundry Mourning. The name of your site caught my eye. I'm a fairly new blogger too so I'm always interested in what other people are launching. Nice to meet you.