Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Testing the Email Function

This is a test of the email function of my new blog.  Theoretically I am supposed to be able to write an entry and send it to a special email address that will post directly to the blog.  So, I am writing this in an email to that address in hopes it will work.  If it does, color me tickled.

I am back at work today but so dont feel like being here.  Yesterday I started getting bored with being home and TV and the like and was actually happy I had work the next day.  But now that Im here, I just wish I was at home watching TV, crocheting, and playing on my laptop.  Yesterday those very things were boring the life out of me; today they are all I can think of.  Grass is greener syndrome.  Part of the problem is that things at work are super slow and I have to come up with things to keep busy.  I could ask for stuff to do, but its like telling your mom that you are bored in the summer.  The things she can come up with for you to do are 100 times worse than anything you can dream up for yourself to keep busy.  So I am getting my files cleaned out and whittled down and updating my contacts list and other sundry stuff I normally dont have time to do.

I wish it was Friday so I had another 3 day weekend sitting just ahead of me.  We arent doing much for New Years though. Just having a couple of friends over to play games and watch movies.  I so need to clean though.  And Im debating taking down all the Christmas stuff before they come over.  Once Christmas is done, its done, but I usually like to leave the stuff up until the 1st.  But this year its driving me crazy so it may have to come down beforehand.  Plus the tree is dry and not taking in any more water and is dropping needles and ornaments all over.  I may have to take it all down tonight now that I am stewing about it.  Bob may not be happy about it, but bah.  I may leave the lights on the balcony though.  They look way cool and arent Christmassy in design.  Just colored lights ringing our balcony railing.  For some reason we dont have a porch light on that balcony so the lights actually come in handy.  Maybe I will exchange the colored lights for white ones which are more generic and could function as a romantic mood lighting all year round.  Anyway, I have decided the Christmas stuff is coming down this week, if not tonight.  Yay!

Our vacation is fast approaching and I cannot wait.  I was looking at our pictures from last year and remembering how great it was.  I am hoping this year is just as fun if not more.  I need to get online and buy our Sea World tickets.  They are cheaper if you buy them online versus purchasing them once we get there.  Too bad we arent FL residents though.  FL residents get a super deep discount on tickets if they can prove residency.  Oh well, we are still going and are looking forward to it.  Its a shame these places are so pricey though.  I dont know how a family of 4 or more can afford it.  After this year, we are saving for a cruise.  I have to research accessibility, but we really want to take a cruise since weve never been.  That or an all-inclusive resort somewhere tropical and warm.  I dont know how accessible those places are either, but we are up for a little more adventure than our FL vacations have offered.  We like Florida, but we are ready for more sun and sand, I think.

We are still waiting to hear if Bob has been accepted to the service dog organization.  We found out last week that one of our referrals is still missing.  Turns out, he had not received the form because he had moved and the form wasnt forwarded.  So we had a new one sent to his new address and the service dog place should get it this week.  Hopefully we will find out next week if Bob has been accepted and what the next step is.  2006 will be the year of the dog for uswe hope.

I finally got our holiday newsletter done.  I know we are too late for Christmas, but my hope is to get it out right after the first (before the 8th) so it is in time for New Years. I even managed to keep it to one page, one side.  Who knew I could do that?  Look for it soon in a mailbox near you.

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