Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Where Did The Day Go?

Today was much better at work.  There was a lot more to do and in fact, I am leaving some work still in my inbox for tomorrow.  The frustrating thing has been trying to reach bankers at the banks.  So many of them are off this week, it is hard to get things straight and settled by the end of the quarter/year when all I get are emails and voicemails telling me they won’t be back until the 3rd.  Good luck with that then.

One of our little neighbor friends made us a baby Jesus in the manger for Christmas.  It’s the cutest thing.  I will have to take a photo so you can appreciate it’s cuteness.  He cut a toilet paper roll in half and then glued them roll sides together.  Then he glued broken up hard spaghetti to one side and then placed a tiny doll in the “manger”.  We thought it was super cute and we placed it in a place of honor…right on top of the entertainment center…front and center.  Someone in our household does not appreciate the cuteness of the baby Jesus though.  Every morning I come out of my bedroom only to find the baby Jesus on the floor.  The manger is still front and center and barely disturbed but baby Jesus has fallen to the floor and sits so sadly by himself.  We figured out pretty quickly that the culprit is Maisey.  She’s a heathen cat.  She did this thing in front of Bob last night.  She jumped to the top of the entertainment center.  Sat her butt down right next to the manger and swatted the baby Jesus with one quick swipe and watched as he fell to the floor.  Brat.  I have to take my Christmas decorations down now just to spite the cat.

Bob’s wheelchair has been rapidly losing power.  His batteries have only allowed him to go to the store and back even after 16 hours of full charging.  Poor guy.  So today I called MDA to find out when he can get new batteries.  They said he can get them today!  He is allotted a certain amount of money every year for new batteries and so far, he’s only used $60 of it.  So he called our medical supply place and is getting the new batteries on Friday.  Whoot!  It pays to call, even when you think you’ve already used your allotment for the year.

I’m kind of crabby today.  And my lower back is achey.  No reason why it should be achey…it just is.  And little things are irritating me.  Think I’m premenstrual?  It’s not due for another 2 weeks, so I’m not sure that’s the issue right now.  I feel all bloated too, though, so maybe that is the issue.  The raging hormones stopped Monday night.  I can almost actually pinpoint the exact time they went away.  I think I’m hitting my sexual peak.  Isn’t that supposed to happen to women in their mid to late 30’s?  All I know is from day 8 of my cycle to day 14, all I could think about was…”adult relations”.  Then it stopped as rapidly as they appeared.  Anyway, I don’t think it’s PMS quite yet.

Tonight I am going to my aunt and uncle’s for dinner.  My California cousin is in town and this may be my only chance to see her.  Can’t.  Wait.  Tomorrow night I have to go to a shower for Bob’s nephews.  One is getting married and one is expecting a baby with his wife.  I suspect it may be difficult for me, but we’re family and so, you know.  After that it’s Friday and the dawn of another 3 day weekend.  After that, it’s only 12 days to vacation.  It has been so cloudy here lately.  I need sun!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment. I think we had one of the molars pop thru today so things ought to start getting better. That is so funny, albeit frustrating that your cat is doing that. Must have different religious beliefs. Ha! Oh, oh! The Sweet 16 show, I have to watch it too. Can NOT turn it off. It is horrible. The kids make me sick. They aren't even grateful for these huge parties. I hate the kids so much that I love the show. Heh. Take care! Carrie

mom-on-roof said...

Hiya Amy! Thanks for dropping me a line, I'll be reading along in your adventures now, LOVE the hat, OH MY!