Thursday, November 16, 2006

DHL is of the devil

So, no laptop delivered to me at all yesterday.  Although, we do have clean carpets.  Bob said they were in an out in 45 minutes and no one swore at him, so you know we’re good there.  One of the blessings of paying rent is free carpet cleaning.  Who knew?

I have been on the phone with DHL three times today to see if I can get a clear answer as to why my laptop has been fixed for over a week now and it is not yet in my possession.  Even though they swore it would be delivered yesterday, I found out that the reason it wasn’t delivered was because the driver left it on the dock.  Nice.  They are telling me today that it will be delivered between 11:30 and noon…for sure.  Yeah.  Not holding my breath.  If it’s not delivered today, I am filing a police report claiming DHL stole my laptop.

Work is going OK.  At the end of the month, my boss had a bunch of reports to run.  Since the exodus of Mrs. Manager and Loud Girl, several duties have been divvied out among the rest of us left.  Loud Girl doesn’t like me and she doesn’t like Another Manager, but since this was the first time we have had to run reports since her leaving, she was supposed to come down and help us get these things done.  My Manager came over to ask if LG had come down and I said no.  My Manager got this hurt and defeated look on her face so I asked her what was wrong.  She said LG was supposed to come down and help Another Manager with these reports.  She said she knows LG doesn’t like Another Manager but that by not helping, it’s actually hurting her, My Manager, and making her look bad to her superiors.  Nice.  And professional.  We did manager to get everything done, but not with Loud Girl’s help.  Thank God for people who know what they’re doing and aren’t too proud to help out.

We had a building evacuation drill today.  We usually have them in July but it was skipped this year due to the sale of our building to another management company.  I think I prefer the July drills.  It was sunny but very chilly. 

Bob’s back is in bad shape.  He won’t see a doctor or chiropractor, but I am fearful that he is really going to injure himself beyond repair if he keeps plugging along without care in this matter.  He said if it still hurts today, he will call tomorrow, but I’m not holding my breath.  It’s bad enough that he stayed in bed with a heating pad all day yesterday.

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week already.  Bob’s family is coming over to our place.  We have pot luck Thanksgiving.  I am bringing the cheesy potatoes.  Maybe I’ll bake a bundt cake with my new fancy pan.  I have a good sweet potato cake recipe that I would like to try out.  It also contains rum.  How can I go wrong with that?  I will make my family my guinea pigs. (Why does MS Word not recognize “bundt”?  It is a word, MS Word!  Look it up.)

I have been doing some sleuthing in preparation for our summer trip and am getting excited about it.  I haven’t been to Sioux Falls since 1996 and I think the last time I was west of Mitchell was when I was 10 or so.  My family went west to visit friends in Wyoming and we stopped at all the tourist-y things in Western South Dakota on our way.  I remember being so disappointed that the Crazy Horse Monument was going to take 20-30 odd years to complete.  I can’t wait to see the progress for myself.  Anyone know of any good motels or campgrounds to hunker down in out there?  Let me know, leave me a comment. Thanks!

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Yvonne said...

I hope Bob will seek help with his back!

What kind of cheesy potatoes are you making?