Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Happy Holidays

Bob’s doctor appointment went well.  In fact, for a man afraid of medicine and all things doctor related, it went really well indeed.  It went so well that he succumbed to both the flu and the pneumonia shot.  His doctor is awesome and readily works with his MD doctor on all things health related for Bob.  Anyway, Bob is scheduled to have an MRI on his back next month.  He is also to talk with an internal medicine specialist as well as a physical therapist.  Hopefully, all of these doctors can work together to put Bob back together again.  Heh.  No, actually, we just need to know what is going on with his back and get that fixed if at all possible.

In other health related news, we think our little cat Zoe might be blind or have head trauma in or near her left eye.  Light hits it weird, it looks like blood vessels are broken in the white part, and she is often blinking or winking that particular eye.  Other than that, though, she doesn’t act like she is hurt.  She runs, plays, jumps, leaps, eats, grooms, sleeps, and all things cat as per her usual behavior.  We’re keeping an eye on her eye though.  She is the dumbest of all our cats and the most impulsive so it may be nothing or it may be the result of something greater.

Bob is tickled a shade of color beyond the normal pink.  He writes poetry and usually submits something to’s annual money grubbing anthology.  This year his poem is the first one listed in the book and is the only one that features a poet’s biographical information.  He is sure this is a sign that he won their annual contest.  I am more skeptical and think that this was done in order to squeeze more money out of him.  Nonetheless, the book is very nice and quite fancy looking and it is good to have his work published even if it is through those shady salespeople at

We received our first holiday card in the mail yesterday.  It was from some friends of mine who were married 3 or 4 years ago, had a baby 2 years ago, and had another one this year.  I LOVE getting these cards, especially when they include photos.  However, I am not showing much gumption on getting our cards out this year.  We have been married 5 years and our family photo never changes.  Every year I dream that next year’s card will feature the face of our child and every year it is still just us.  Besides, what really happened this year?  We went to Florida, we got a service dog and then had to give it back.  We got a van for Bob…whoot!  We got two kittens.  We put an offer on a condo, it was accepted, we found we couldn’t afford said condo and rescinded our offer.  I was offered a new job but the offer was rescinded based on a technicality.  I should have graduated but didn’t. I had a couple of breakdowns and went back to counseling.  Bob’s eBay hobby did very well.  So, that’s our year.  Maybe just a photo card of our cats would be enough.

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