Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Happy Bundt Day

You know how, when you don’t have anything good to write about so you don’t?  And then you have lots and lots of stuff to write about but it’s been so long, you don’t know where to start?  Yeah.  So maybe a recap?

My period is kicking my butt this week.  I have been living on extra strength Midol and heating pads.  In January or February, I am going to finally have the endoscopy to see if I have endometriosis.

I had a job interview today downtown.  It went well.  The woman interviewing me was quite pleasant and in between questions we actually chatted and got on quite well.  I think I would like to work downtown again.  She said she would let me know by late next week.

We have clean carpets!  I had to move all the living room furniture into the dinning room last night and it freaked the cats right out.  Bob left me a voicemail before noon today to say the carpet cleaners had come and gone and everything looked nice.

I still do not have my laptop.  When I checked the site to see what the sam hill is taking so long, I saw that they had finished with it on the 8th and had sent it on.  The stupid delivery company had tried to deliver it twice, though they had not left a message or a slip to say they had attempted delivery.  They also had not left it at the apartment manager’s office, which is what they are supposed to do.  I called on Monday only to be told they will attempt delivery on Tuesday.  I arrived home on Tuesday to find that they had not attempted delivery in any way, shape, or form.  I called this morning and was told they will attempt again today.  I reiterated that they are to leave it at the management office if Bob isn’t home.  I called Bob at 2pm and no delivery had yet been attempted.  I called the delivery company and was told they would be there by 5pm.  We shall see.  My computer has been fixed for a week and not delivered!

Last weekend was BUSY!  Friday night was a fundraising dinner for the organization that helped us raise money for Bob’s van.  It was fun.  I won a Nordic Ware Bundt cake pan and mix (Happy Bundt Day everyone!) and 4 tickets to the Minneapolis Chocolate Extravaganza at the International Market Square.

Saturday morning/early afternoon I spent several short hours with my mom and nephews shopping at Southdale.  We also ate lunch at Fuddruckers and wandered the Sculpture Garden.

Saturday afternoon I took 3 girlfriends to the Chocolate Extravaganza with the tickets I won the night before.  It was fun.  It was chocolatey.  It was an extravaganza.

Sunday, I woke up with a horrible headache and cramps but powered on and attended the Minnesota travel show.  It wasn’t that great but I did manage to get plenty of brochures on Alaskan cruises.  I also got information on getting Bob a passport.  Since we will most likely be flying into Vancouver, Canada, he will be required to have a passport.  It’s a good idea anyway, but an added expense we hadn’t counted on.

We have decided that instead of doing the lake resort vacation this summer, we are going to do a roadtrip to Mount Rushmore.  Bob has never seen the monument, the Black Hills, or the Corn Palace.  So we are going to make it happen this summer.  We don’t know when we will take this western travel escape, but we do know we will be stopping in Sioux Falls on the front end.  Whoot. Thankfully, I also picked up a South Dakota travel guide at the travel show.

So, there’s your recap.  I have more to say, specifically on some stuff I am learning in counseling about my eating.  But that will have to wait.  Happy Bundt Day!


lap said...

I am dying to take the girls on that very summer vacation! Too bad I need a vacation away from them more than they need a special vacation (since they went to Disneyworld last year). I think your plans sound fantastic! Happy Bundt Day!

Yvonne said...

You sound really good! I'm glad.

Zen Master said...

Gotta love those delivery people. 2 weeks ago they delivered half of a set of packages to me. Last week I was wondering where the other half was, only to find out like you they claimed to have attempted delivery. HOWEVER, they were saying my address was incomplete...yeah, the address they delivered to the week before. The kicker... they were sending a postcard to this so called incomplete address to let me know my address is incomplete!

Fuddruckers! their burgers and shakes. I always leave there super stuffed. No Bueno. But it's so yummy.

Good luck with the job~!