Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Put the ________ in Your Butt, Not!

Being the caretaker of pets can sometimes be very interesting as I found this morning.

I got up, left our bedroom to use the bathroom and noticed Chloe playing with a little hardened poo piece. Not wanting to encourage such barbarian behavior, I went to pick up the poo and noticed another piece of poo in the kitchen. I went to the kitchen and saw cat food scattered all over the kitchen floor. Zoe is usually the one who digs food from her dish to scoot across the floor, so I went to find Zoe to see if she was OK. She wasnt. She was sitting on the bathroom floor licking her bottom. I threw the poo and scattered food into the trash and then went to see to Zoe.

There is really no delicate way to phrase this so I will just say it. There was something hanging out of Zoes bottom. I tried to get a good look at it but Zoe was so squirmy and started to meow piteously when I tried to pull the thing out. So I ran her into our bedroom and woke Bob up. (He used to be a vet tech and is knowledgeable in all things animal.) At first he thought it might be innards. Yikes! Thankfully, with me holding her, he was able to get a better look than I had been able to get. He said it looked like cotton or string of some kind.

Bob went to get some toilet paper while I settled Zoe for the extraction. You would think that pulling something dangling out your bottom would feel good (Or at least feel better than leaving the thing hanging there), but if Zoes cries were any indication, you would be wrong. Thankfully, it seems that Bob got it all. He said I should check the litter boxes and keep an eye on Zoe to see if she acts ill or upset. Then he said that rule number one for things coming out of a cats butt is NOT to pull it out. Then he said that as a former Vet Tech, he can amend rule number one. Heh. I thanked him profusely and took Zoe out of the bedroom. I put her down and watched her run up to her sister, tackle her, and then run off to play with a cat toy left on the floor.

I scooped all the litter boxes and did not find anything amiss, so I think it was just a flukey thing and she will be OK. I dont know where she would have gotten a hold of whatever it was she ate. I will keep an eye on her though. She is NOT the brightest bulb and is not very smart. She clearly acts without thinking or consideration and is the cat most likely to lose her 9 lives first. But I love that little dimwit and am glad shes OK.


j n n said...

Uhh.... GROSS!! I had a similar sitaution w/ Chelsea (the taleless) cat, back in the day. Though in this case, I had noticed she had not used the litter box for a few days, and was bloated. Taking her to the vet, they kept her over night & gave her a laxative. Next day, along with a nice "pile", was a sweatshirt hood drawstring! :-P

j n n said...

Duh - - that should be tail-less... Though, she may have been short on stories as well! ;->

lap said...

I'm so glad that it wasn't "innards!" My Daisy jumped out of my arms and ran away when I was moving her to the new place last Saturday. She hasn't turned up yet.

Heather said...

I feel for you. My one cat eats ribbon. Any type of ribbon. We had to hospitalize him once because he swallowed a 6 inch piece and we were afraid it wouldn't pass. Even after that, any time there is ribbon in the house he will chew on it and then throw up. You would think he would learn. (Or maybe we would learn not to have it here!!)