Sunday, November 19, 2006

Moving On

I need to get that rotten letter off the top of my screen so that calls for a new entry.

My poor little grandma fell down and she looks like she got beat up by the mafia. Putting together the events of what happened, it seems that she bent down to tie her shoe and fainted. She hit her head and has a giant carpet burn on her forehead. She also has a black eye and a great big yellow bruise from her forehead to her chin. She thinks she twisted her leg with the new knee as well. She had a CAT scan on Friday and thankfully it came back normal. She has doctors appointments Monday through Wednesday this coming week to check on other stuff. I stopped by her place on Saturday to check on her. I never noticed how small she was before.

While at my grandma's, I helped her with her laundry and I got a list of stuff she wanted me to pick up from the store. As we walked down the hall, Grandma spoke of the day when she would feel like herself again. I wondered if she was hoping for something that wasn't going to happen. She is 83 after all and not as spry and healthy as she once was. I do hope I am wrong and that, once completely healed from this latest knee replacement, she will be back to her old self again.

So, I spent Saturday running errands. It seems as though we were out of everything plus we needed stuff for the upcoming holiday. I was able to get everything on budget. Bob was impressed but he should know by now that I am a great bargain shopper and never pay full price for anything, if I can help it.

I did our laundry and cleaned on Sunday. I also went to see the new Wil Ferrell movie, "Stranger Than Fiction". I really liked it. Not a little bit because I adore Wil Ferrall, but I enjoyed the story as well. True there is a bit of belief that needs to be suspended to truly enjoy the story but it works for me. It doesn't hurt that Elf was on USA tonight either so I got another Wil Ferrall fix at home.

I am thankful this is a short week. I am back to working 8-5 on Monday through Friday and will change counseling to Wednesday at lunch. Although this week, I don't work Thursday or Friday. Well, actually I'll be working Thurday, I just won't have to leave the house nor will I get paid. Heh. I can't wait. I am making cheesy potatoes and a rum infused sweet potatoe bundt cake. I bought a small turkey to fix later in the weekend for me and Bob and will make us our own little Thanksgiving feast.

A friend of mine whose marriage fell apart said her mistake was not changing her husband soon enough into the marriage. I am not sure if that is what she meant to say, but I told her if she thought she could ever change her husband, that was her first mistake.

Bob's back is still giving him problems. He refuses to see a doctor at this point because he doesn't think there is anything the doctor can do for him. I said he could probably get a script for massage therapy or chiropractory (is that a word?) but he still refuses. If I never knew this before, I sure know it now; unless someone is willing to do something, you cannot make them do it. Since I promised Bob I would never nag him, I can suggest he visit a doctor (and do so daily) but beyond that, he is a big boy and will have to make his own appointment when he decides he's had enough. Here's hoping it's soon.

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