Tuesday, November 28, 2006

An Issue Big Enough to Break Up a Marriage

After five years of marriage we have finally come across a very important issue that could end our wedded bliss.  I could swear we talked about this before we were married and Bob said he didnt care one way or another.  Well, I can certainly tell you with all certainty that he does care and he cares with vehemence akin to those who fight for reproductive rights for women.  What is this all important issue?  Im glad you asked.  Bob is all upset because for five years I have been hanging the toilet paper so the paper is pulled over the top.  The other day he pulled a bit and got a whole paper streamer rolling off the roll.  It was at this time that he chose to yell at me about how the toilet paper is hanging and how the correct way to hang it is so the paper comes from under the roll.  This is news to me.  I never knew he cared so passionately about the proper care and hanging of the toilet paper.  In fact, if he cared so much, you would think he would hang the dang paper himself instead of just leaving it sit on the side of the tub for days on end.  I am just going to hang it like Ive always hung it and let him deal with it.  So there.

Speaking of marital problems, we have been having some communication issues.  Why is it that he cant bring anything up without me taking it as a personal insult?  For instance he called me at work today and asked, Do you rinse the coffee pot out before you brew a new pot?  I said I did and asked why.  Turns out there were some floaters in the coffee pot this morning and he was grossed out.  No big deal and yet in my head I heard, You loser.  The coffee maker you bought sucks and so do you.  Why cant I just take these things at face value and not read into them?  Bob is not a hard man to live with.  What you see is what you get and yet I consistently think he is slamming me when he asks me the most basic of questions.  This makes it hard for him to talk to me and it makes it difficult for me to listen to him.

Bob is at the doctor today.  We found out that Bobs dad has a rare illness that results in breathing difficulties and cirrhosis of the liver.  It is called PVOD or Pulmonary-veno Occlusive Disease.  It is genetic/hereditary and not curable.  The list of symptoms is very similar to the problems Bob had that landed him in the ICU about 3 years ago.  They didnt know (and still dont) what it was that caused his problems then so if it turns out that Bob has it then he still has it and they need to do further tests to determine how to prevent further problems.  I hope his doctor takes him seriously and gets him scheduled for some tests to see if this is still an issue for him.  Bob hates doctors though and could just gloss over it all in an effort to prevent further office visits. 

I have been having some bladder issues and have been in the bathroom several times today.  We have four stalls and I always pick the fourth stall, furthest from the door/sinks.  Why is it when one more person enters, more often than not, they choose the stall right next to the one Im in?  If someone was already in the last stall, I would choose the second stall from the door, thereby leaving a stall between us.  I thought that was common public bathroom courtesy.  Also, why is it the person who chooses the stall right next to me is the person who grunts and strains audibly while using the facilities?  Yuck!

Last night I made the yummiest of turkey leftovers.  I boiled some noodles.  While they cooked I whipped up 2 cans of cream of mushroom soup, a cup of sour cream, a dash of white wine, a pinch of garlic, onion, and curry powders, and a bunch of cut up turkey.  I added the noodles and some mozzarella cheese and covered with crushed Ritz crackers.  I baked the whole thing at 350 for 25 minutes and it was heavenly!  Really, so good.  I just made up this hotdish and it turned out great.  I have just enough turkey to make up a soup this week and then our turkey will be gone.

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Comment by Jen: First of all, over the top is the way for the TP to hang, everyone knows that!

Second, if the coffee pot thing concerns him, why not just rinse it out before he uses it himself?

Thirdly, that turkey dish sounds awesome, and according to my handbook, people from the midwest are SUPPOSED to know how to make ANYTHING into a hotdish!! Remember when we lived with Rachel in that house on the corner near SFC? She was the hotdish QUEEN...or so she thought!!