Friday, February 23, 2007

Leaving Today

It's actually colder right now in Madison that it is here. That is a rare occurance.
I decided to leave today rather than face the sleet and freezing rain tomorrow is supposed to bring. I am leaving work at noon, getting my oil changed at 3, and hitting the open road by 4 all in order to miss the storm. That gives me about 2 hours after I leave work to get home, get packed, clean cat boxes, make sure Bob has enough food to get him through, and get to the oil change. I have been making lists all morning in an on-going effort to not forget anything. Also, it seems as though I am bringing every electronic device known to man for what amount to be an overnight (2 nights really) trip. Cell phone? Check. Ipod? Check. CD Player? Check. Laptop? Check. Camera? Check, Check. Crazy, no?
Bob is a star! We received the national publication for the MDA association in the mail yesterday and he is featured in an article on FSH MD with a photo and everything! I would link to the online version, but the March/April issue isn't posted yet. If you want to see it, Google MDA Quest in March and read the article on FSH MD.
Once I leave work today, our team of 12 will be down to 6. Another guy is leaving at 1, leaving 5. Although one guy has not shown up and may not show up at all and that will leave 4. Good times. Let's see how many people can be gone before our department grinds to a halt. I have CE on Monday and Tuesday so I won't be here to experience the fray, should there be any.

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Hillary said...

Hope the trip goes well. And have fun with your new camera!