Friday, February 23, 2007

Made It

So I made it. I left my brother in law's auto shop around 3:30. I drove through some freezing rain near La Crosse and hit some fluffy flurries outside of Madison. Right before one of the first Madison exits, traffic came to a stop. All three lanes were stop and go. And when we went, we all only went about 10 - 15 mph. Turns out, the roads were a bit more slippery than perceived. We passed a cop and a two car accident on the right hand shoulder. Most of us went slower after that. Once I got off the interstate and onto the regular roads and highways, it seemed the snow picked up. I drove in second gear from the main highway to my parent's house. At times the snow seemed to be coming right at me. Other times, it went blowing sideways before me. I couldn 't see the road. Thankfully, there were a couple of cars a head of me making a path and when an oncoming car drove by, the path was made even clearer. I got to my folks' house around 8:30. Not bad time for me in good weather. Good thing I left when I did. The weather people here are daying Sunday will be the worst. I might get snowed in! Good thing I brought provisions. My brother and his family will be spending the night here tomorrow night. It's too bad Bob couldn't join me here. It will be like one big family slumber party. I'm just glad I got here when I did.