Friday, December 01, 2006

December Begins

I can't believe it is the first of December. This year has just flown by and this month looks to speed by just as quickly.

I've already decorated for Christmas and our apartment looks cozy and ready for Santa to visit. I would like to make some cookies but I'm not sure I'll get to it.

My boss's mother in law is dying. She has been given maybe 72 hours. She had a breathing tube but requested it be removed. That was pretty much all that was keeping her alive and now they will remove it and sedate her. My boss's father died of cancer roughly this time of year 3 years ago so she is really not doing well at all. Also, her daughter's 2nd birthday is two weeks from today. If you are the kind of person that prays, please pray for my boss and her family today. Thanks.

This weekend I will be doing a bit of Christmas shopping. Our budget doesn't really get hit at Christmas. My immediate family doesn't not exchange presents and Bob's family does a white elephant gift exchange thing. The only people we have to buy for are my young nephews and each other. Although there are a couple of December birthdays that need to be addressed with gifts as well. My birthday is also in December. I will be 39 this year. I'm not sure I can adequately write what I am feeling in regards to turning 39, but this milestone definitely has me thinking hard about life and my place in it. At least I have a year before I'm 40.


- - jnn said...

Snow day for the fellas here today - Not sure if I ever remember a snow this early in the year.... We were in shorts & t-shirts a few days ago..... ;-)

- - jnn said...

Gosh - - I need to do a better job of proof-reading.... That should say - I do not remember a snow DAY this early in the year.... :-P