Thursday, April 26, 2007

Holy High Gas Prices Batman!

I left our building over the lunch hour and saw that gas is now $2.95!  How?  When?  What?  Gah!

So I had my pre-op appointment over my lunch hour.  I am not pregnant so it’s all systems go for the laposcopy a week from today.  My RE told me that if there is scaring, she will cut it and if there is endometriosis, she will burn it out.  She will also check my tubes and make sure all looks good from there.  She said she would tell my husband the results of the surgery so I’m to rely on him for info.  I am going to make him take a note pad so he doesn’t forget anything. 

In looking over my chart, she noted that everything looks fine and she can’t see any real reason why we haven’t conceived.  She said she will see me 2 weeks after the surgery to make sure everything is A-OK and then talk about how we want to proceed.  I told her that I know right now we do not want to do IVF but would be interested in insemination.  So, once the surgery is done and I’ve gone two weeks, we can discuss our next steps and how to proceed.

I feel better after meeting with her.  It’s hard to be in her office though.  The whole place is papered in baby pictures.  Most of the women there are either pregnant right now or have children with them as they wait to see the doctor.  Today a woman had 3 children and as she got up to leave, her middle child refused to leave with her.  She told him she would just leave him there then as she was sure someone there would want him to come home with them.  The nurse laughed and I said he could come back to work with me, but by then, he was OK to leave with her.

When I was called back, I had to give a urine sample (not pregnant), got weighed, got a finger prick to check my hemoglobin, had my temp taken (99!  Very high for me who usually runs 97.8), and my blood pressure taken (I don’t remember the numbers but they were very good.).  Then I went into a room to wait for the doctor.  She came in, went over my chart, explained the procedure, and answered my questions.  (She is going to go in through my belly button, pump gas into my belly, and then check everything out.) After that, she checked my heart and lungs and then had me lie down so she could check my belly. She showed me where my new little scars would be and how to care for the steri-strips afterwards.  I am to take it easy for 2 to 3 days and wear loose filling pants.  She is going to prescribe Percoset for pain and I am to let her know if I experience and excess bleeding, pain, or nausea.  The risks are minimal but the knowledge gained from this should be immeasurable.

In other news, I am back in class 6 weeks from tonight.  I have my financial aid already applied for and should receive my award letter next week.  I have the book I need for my first class and they ordered the book I need for the second. After that second class, a new semester and the road to my final three classes begins.  I again have access to my college email and student web page.  It’s all coming back to me now.  As stressed out as I was last year and as much as I thought I may never return to school again, I realize now, how much I missed it all and can’t wait to get back in there. (Remind me of that when I’m taking my 4th class and am under the weight of the pile and can’t see the light at the end of the very short tunnel.)

This weekend is supposed to be 80 degrees and sunny.  How am I not supposed to plant stuff with weather like that? Monday could be close to 90.  All the little seeds we planted to flower inside are springing up into lovely little green sprouts.  We had to move the pots to the bedroom though as the kittens thought we were growing veggies for them to eat.  The first day the spouts appeared, all the green heads were nipped off by Chloe.  After that, the plants were moved and more have sprouted.  I just can’t wait.

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