Sunday, April 29, 2007


This is my first real check for my photography. I got it for a photo I took of my hometown. It is for a publication from the New Jersey Transit System in regards to the facade on the buildings in my former hometown. It's not a lot of money but it's the most I've ever been paid for any of my photos. I am putting it in an account and using it as seed money to start my new photography business.

I took photos at my church's womens conference this weekend. I think they turned out pretty good. However, I accidentally deleted all the photos I took Saturday morning. Not having another memory card, I had to take more photos over what I had already taken. I tried to recover the lost shots, but had already taken pictures that covered the ones that were lost. At least I learned what not to do when playing with my semi-new camera.

The women's conference was OK. I did get some good prayer and made some good re-connections with women I admire. I feel like I am doing what I am supposed to do when I take pictures and that feels good.

Spring has really sprung here. Flowers are blooming, trees are leafing, and I am itchy to plant. I stopped at my favorite gardening center and they told me to wait two more weeks. It's hard, but I will wait. It's hard though as it was over 80 today and gorgeous. The people that live above us had their air conditioner running all day. I'm not sure why. We just opened both sliders and got a delicious cross breeze, no air conditioning needed.

I met a new neighbor this afternoon. I went outside to take pictures of the flowers on our property and met Marie and her 2-year old daughter Kaley. Marie asked me if it's normal to see naked women in our building. I said I did not think so. She said her live-in boyfriend saw a topless woman in the courtyard during the work day this past week and she saw a woman in a see-through bra in the laundry room last weekend. I told her that we have lived here almost 5 years and that's never happened to us, so she might want to report it to the management...and the police if it happens again. I told Bob about it and he keeps asking me to tell him if I see boobage. Men!

This coming weekend will be spent recovering from surgery. I got my period today, a day early, which is good news as far as my surgery is concerned. I was afraid it would be late and the surgery would have to be postponed, but thankfully, that is not the case.

Wednesday morning will be spent at the dentist getting some replacement fillings in my top front teeth. Wheee. This is just shaping up to be the best week ever what with dental visits and surgery. Yay! At least the weather will be nice.

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