Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Red Spa

Man, I feel like crap.  I wish western women of today had held fast to the traditions of old pertaining to that time of month.  Specifically the tradition of the red tent.  I could use 4-7 days of separation and coddling this week.  Maybe we could update it so that instead of a tent, we go to a spa.  The red spa.  And we get facials, massages, pedicures, and deep conditioning treatments.  And we lie in a warm, dark room with plinky, tinkly music playing softly in the background.  And there is cheese on hand.  Cheese and chocolate and just ripe fruit.  Yeah, that would make me feel better for sure.

I have the world’s most tenacious headache.  I woke up with it around 4 this morning and it’s still hanging on.  I took 2/3 of a 500mg Vicodin and that was a mistake.  ¼ Vicodin?  Fine.  ½ Vicodin?  Fine.  2/3 Vicodin?  Must. Lay. Down.  Please. Stop. Room. From. Spinning. Gah!

The weather isn’t helping.  What happened to spring?  How was it 80 degrees 9 days ago and today it was 0?  The highs over the next 5 days are not expected to get over 30.  The changes to the barometric pressure have been wrecking havoc on Bob’s body too.  He has gone to bed before 8pm twice this week and is really smiling through a lot more pain.

 I finished reading “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” last night.  It sounds weird, but I am really hopeful that this is our year to get pregnant.  The author of the book is very encouraging and offers tips to getting pregnant using FAM.  She even suggests ways to use fertility technology in addition to FAM.  I really must purchase this book to have on hand at all times.  I’ve had it out from the library for the maximum time allowed and really am sad to have to take it back.

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