Thursday, April 12, 2007

It's a Secret

Ummm, I’m pretty sure this entry is going to be ranty and probably also somewhat sloppy and because of the subject matter should probably NOT be read by members of my immediate family or anyone I’m related to by marriage since it has to do with the personal physical relationship I share with my husband. Oh, and look over there! Something shiny! Go see what it is and come back tomorrow and tell me, OK?

I am actually going to post this entry in a private blog I created some time ago for just such ranty raving entries. If you want access, email me (amiebea@[nospam] (Um...remove the [nospam] part to email me)

I kind of need some girlfriend-type advice here. Or at least the kind of sharing girlfriends do when they are hanging out together. I wanted to post this in my regular blog, but because the level of intimacy is somewhat racy, I feel it would be better in a protected site all its own. If you email me and I say no, it’s only to protect your delicate sensibilities. Thanks for understanding.

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melissa said...

OK..I must be an idiot but I cannot find your email address anywhere on your website. I am 38, married and live in VA; I am not related to you and am interested in getting the password to your private blog, if possible. I'm at