Friday, April 20, 2007

Trying to Appear Busy

It is a gorgeous day here in the Twin Cities.  My co-worker and I are struggling with spring-itis and trying not to bolt from our chairs and play hooky for the rest of the day.  It’s supposed to be 80 tomorrow and next Saturday is opening day at the St. Paul Farmer’s Market.  Yay!  Spring is finally making an appearance.  I even noticed buds on the trees in our courtyard. 

Man, speaking of spring, I have the gardening bug so bad right now.  I want to get in and get dirty.  I want to dig my hands deep in the dirt and plant stuff.  Unfortunately, we are in gardening zone extreme north and it is not recommended we plant anything until after mother’s day.  When the weather is nice like it has been, it’s hard to remember that we have gotten snow and frost into May before.  Two years ago I did the March of Dimes walk on May 1st and it snowed.  Last year it rained and turned to sleety/snow.  Maybe if I wait until after the first weekend of May I will be good to go.  So far we have morning glory seeds, sunflower seeds, and another flower I can’t remember all started in pots.  We are anxiously waiting their sprouting so we can transplant them into their permanent patio pots which will sit in our sunny west window until danger of frost is passed.

Someone suggested I buy the Ovusoft ovulation tracking software offered by the author of Taking Charge of Your Fertility.  I checked it out and liked it.  I went ahead and bought it and so far, so good.  I like it A LOT better than using the paper charts.  Every morning I take my temp and then put the thermometer next to my alarm clock.  When I actually get out of bed, I take the thermometer with me to the office and log my morning temp onto my chart.  It’s handy and easier to read and really appeals to my anal, organized side.  Plus, I can keep track of it all on my computer and then print out any charts as I need to.  If my RE needs to see evidence of infertility or other issues, I just print the month (s) requested and bring it in.  Easy peasy.  Thanks to the one of you that suggested I try Ovusoft. So far, I love it.

The kittens are finally getting over their colds and now Daisy has it.  This thing has made the rounds through all 4 cats now.  Zoe is still a little stuffy.  Poor thing. It sounds like she is trying to breathe through rubble.  It sounds ten times worse when she’s been running around or is purring.  I am tempted to lock her in the bathroom with a hot shower running in hopes the steam will break up her congestion.  Or maybe some Vicks vaporub?  Just kidding about the Vicks.  I am hesitant to do the shower thing unless Zoe is supervised though.  She is our dim kitty and I don’t want her getting burned because she though it was safe to jump in the shower while the hot water was running.

I am feeling better about my relationship with Bob.  When I wrote the ranty secret post last week, I was really emotional and tired and just frustrated.  Most of the stuff I wrote was selfish and due to some inner frustration.  I am feeling much better now though.  I had quite a few people ask for the invite to read the post, but very few had any words of wisdom for me.  Those that did, thanks!  I appreciate your candor and input and am really honored that you would take the time to pass along some wisdom and girl talk.  It really means a lot to me.

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Rachelle said...

I'm SO happy you bought the software and that it's working well for you!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is "the" month ;)

Take care,