Thursday, July 26, 2007

All Over the Map

Day 4or is it 5?  No Coke so far.  But tonight is class night and I ALWAYS have a bottle of Coke during class after the first break.  Its because the first break usually comes at around 8:30 and its only an hour to bedtime from there.  Class nights go until 10pm and I have a hard time staying awake past 8:30.  Maybe I need some peppermint or a bunch of radishes or something instead?  Just send good thoughts my way tonight.

I broke my healthy dinner streak last night.  I made home made pizza and while it was yummy, it wasnt the picture of health.  Usually I like chicken, tomatoes, and spinach on pizza but last night I made a half pepperoni and half meatball pizza.  Tonight I am going to pick up a salad from Applebee’s for dinner.

Tonight at class we all have to give a 5-minute presentation as though we were presenting to work colleagues.  I am giving my talk about how to write the perfect annuity.  Sounds exciting, no?  Only two more class-times with this particular class and then 3 classes to go.  I guess there is 115 days to our last class!  Huzzah.  My transcript now shows me as a senior.  I am a college senior and soon will be able to say Im a college graduate.  (Confidential to Jennifer: Im a college ga-gag-a-wa!)

My sleeping is all wonky.  I dont know if its because Im off the Coke or if its because we have to have the air conditioning on and the fan is turning on and off all night as it regulates the temp in our room or what but I am sick of it.  I hat walking around all zombie-fide.  I wish I could just snuggle onto a big plush bed and go night-night.  Its even more aggravating in that today is my long day and I dont get to go to bed until well after 11.  Arg.

We are in the midst of a hot, humid, heat-wave and yet our office is freezing. Anyone else have this phenomenon?  I work with mostly guys now.  When I first started here 4 years ago, it was all women and 1 guy.  Now its 4 women to a dozen guys.  When it used to be all women, we never argued over the temperature of the office.  Now, we are arguing all the time.  The guys crank the air so far to the cool side that all the women are wearing sweaters.  I brought slippers and a blanket in order to stay warm.  I have to get up several times in order to run my hands under warm water just to defrost the icicles hanging from my flanges.  I come to work in apparel suitable for the weather outside and end up needed apparel suitable for mountain climbing in the midst of an ice storm Brrrr.

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