Monday, July 02, 2007

Plan B Sucks

On to plan B* (or is it Plan C or D by now?).  When I submitted my time off request for the time I need for the D & C I found that I had forgotten about the continuing education I had scheduled at that time.  So we must reschedule.  I called the scheduler but had to leave a voicemail and as of yet she hasn’t called me back.  My fear is that we will have to now move to August because my period is due the 25th of this month and ideally, they like to do the D & C closer to the end of the period than we even scheduled it this time.  Arg!  For a while things were going so smoothly and now there seems to be a glitch at every turn.

Guess what?  In the midst of typing the above, the scheduler called and said we have to schedule the procedure for RIGHT after my period.  I consulted my datebook and saw that I’m due the 25th so we scheduled the D & C for July 31st.  However, as I was flipping through the book, I saw that because my period was 5 days early last time, I am ACTUALLY due the 19th.  Soooooo I called the scheduler back to see if we are still OK or if we have to move it back a week.  I had to leave a message and am waiting for her to call me back.  Guess what else?  I also have to have another pre-operative physical because something could go screwy and haywire between the one I had last Friday and the one I have to have the week before the procedure.  Apparently I was incredibly lucky the first few months of traveling down this road and now, all of a sudden, I’ve come across the mucky, murky place where all good planning goes to hell. 

I’m still getting inquiries about my photos.  The most recent request came from a producer of a television health show for a new cable channel.  I am in the midst of getting releases signed from my photo subjects so this channel/show can use my photo. “The show will premiere in August, on a new Health and Wellness channel called Veria, though we do not have finalized dates for airtime. Whoot!  Also, my family really liked the photos I took at my grandma’s birthday party.  You know when your family tells you that they like the photos you took, that’s when you know you’re good.  (My family tends towards the “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” philosophy when talking about talent and ability. Unless they are talking behind your back…then they let it all hang out.)

Bob and I still don’t know what we are doing for the 4th of July holiday.  I work the Monday and Tuesday before and the Thursday and Friday after so we are slightly limited.  Also, the people we usually celebrate with are out of town so we feel kind of lost.  We may just spend the day fishing and watch some fireworks from a parking ramp nearby in an effort to miss the crowds and traffic.  What are you doing for the holiday?

*Did I ever mention that I hate plan B?  That I am task oriented to a fault and changing plans throws me into a tizzy? 

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