Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Another Turn on the Path to Babyhood

Today is my D & C. I have to leave in about an hour. I've had nothing to eat or drink and right now I would give you my right ovary for a tall glass of lemonade.

I got my bike out this weekend after about a year of storage. I don't know why I was so reticent to get it out before. I like riding my bike. I miss it. Maybe the fact that it was stored on our somewhat hard to access balcony had something to do with it. Or maybe I was remembering a certain roommate I used to have. She was overweight and decided bike riding would help her lose weight. It worked. But not before she got yelled at, jeered, and stuff thrown at her while she rode. Apparently fitness and exercise is for the fit and lean. People yelled mean things at her before she got down to her ideal weight. "Get off the road, fatty." comes to mind as one of the many things less enlightened people yelled her way. Maybe I am remembering that and putting off exercising in public because of that.

I remember walking home from high school and having older people yell similar things to me. And at that time I wasn't huge or obese. I believe I wore a 12/14 or 16/18 throughout high school. When I look back at pictures I don't seem that far outside the norm. And yet while walking I would get jeers and shouts about my size. Go figure.

Back to the bike. Bob and I went on a bike ride Sunday (I rode my bike, he drove his wheelchair) and it was nice. I didn't feel too labored and in fact I was surprised how easy it seemed. We got home and I parked my bike in our garage stall and locked it up there instead of taking it back to the balcony. The bike ride felt so good that I decided to ride my bike to work yesterday. Ummm, not so easy.

I decided that I was a biking guru so instead of just riding to work in the morning, I rode to the bagel place first for a little breakfast bagel. By the time I got there I was a sweating, sweaty mess. I grabbed a bottle of water and drank half of it before I even ordered my bagel sandwich. I sat outside for 10 minutes before I could gather enough gumption to finish the ride to work. I got to work and my shirt was stuck to my back and my forehead was glistening with drops of moisture. But I made it. I biked to work.

The rest of the day, every time I got up out of my chair, I groaned because the muscles at the top of my legs were so sore. Also the muscles around my vagina area hurt! And I still had to ride 2 miles home.

By the time I got home I was sore, wobbly, sweaty, and tired. I drank a bottle of water in one sitting and threw myself under the direct blast of our air conditioner. Later, I found I was spotting a bit and wondered if that was a result of the biking. I will mention it today before the D & C.

Today I am sore, achy, and yet somehow yearning to ride my bike. It's hard and at times I wonder if I will make it to my intended destination but there is an exquisite ache that comes with getting up and doing something physically challenging. Maybe next weekend I will rent a kayak and take a troll through our lakeways.

How is it one positive physical activity gives way and breeds others? There might be something to this exercising after all.

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Yvonne said...

I hope your procedure went well and things make a turn for the better.

You are going to be sore riding the bike (especially around the girlie bits - gotta deaden those nerves). I hope you can keep it up because it's great for you and you enjoy it.

Much love, Y.