Tuesday, July 03, 2007

D & C Update

The D & C has FINALLY been scheduled.  The new date (and the date set in stone) is July 31st.  I talked to the scheduler about how I miscounted my cycle the first time and could we push is back a week.  She said no to that as they are completely booked.  Then she added the caveat that we abstain or use 2 forms of protection until after the procedure.  I actually laughed at her and said something to the effect that we have been trying for almost 6 years with nothing to show for it.  I doubt we will get pregnant just now.  She said it happens all the time.  Hmmmmm, and me ovulating RIGHT NOW.

I’m out of work early today and off tomorrow.  We don’t have big plans though.  We might go see fireworks tonight so we can sleep in tomorrow and then go fishing.  We haven’t been yet this season and Bob is itching to go.  I don’t mind sitting by a nice lake on a nice day and may even bring a book.  Bob tends to fish for the big ones while I take whatever catches my line.  That means he is usually worming my hook and defishing my hook a dozen times before he even gets a nibble.  He might appreciate me reading more so than fishing.

A funny thing happened at my grandma’s birthday party.  The younger kids were in the house watching the Twins play ball.  One of the youngest was perusing my aunt’s plethora of cooking magazines when she happened upon a periodical that is definitely NOT about cooking.  My nephew came running out to tell us what happened while the other young lass ran to tell her mom.  Needless to say, they were all giggly and a little grossed out and my uncle certainly needs to hide his men’s magazines better for future family gatherings.

A sort of random thing happened as well over the weekend.  My brother and his family were at the Mall of America on Friday and they ran into a family they knew from their home town/church.  What’s really weird is that they didn’t run into them at the Mall itself, they ran into them at a restaurant across the street from the Mall.  (Most people eat at one of the bajillion restaurants at the Mall.)  Then, on Sunday my folks took me to lunch after church and as we were getting ready to leave, this same family from home/church walked in.  It wouldn’t be so weird except the Twin Cities Metro is fairly large and the Mall is nowhere near where we all ended up having lunch.  Not only that, but there were about a dozen places to eat in that one area so the odds of us all ending up there had to be pretty high.

Bob and I are looking for a new church.  We think that a church with a Friday night service would be ideal.  I went online and found a couple that fit the bill, but I also found one nearby that has a Thursday night service.  In the summer, they meet in a local park.  We’re going to check it out this week.  The only drawback is that while I’m in school, Bob would have to attend by himself unless I have a break (as I do this week) but he misses fellowship so much that he may just be up for that.  They also seem to be very aware of accessibility needs so that’s another plus.  As an aside, let me just say that there seems to be a church out there for everyone.  From the super conservative and/or liturgical to the radical free-spirited type, it’s all out there for anyone who may be looking.

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jnn said...

You forgot to mention that not only were the folks from our hometown/old church - but that the hometown/old church is over 300 miles away.... BTW - we are continuing our search for a new church home. We're checking out - > http://www.potterswheelonline.org/ They meet Sat. PMs. :-)