Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm Fffffffforty...Gulp

So my birthday was kind of a bummer but I'm doing better. Bob took me out to eat on Friday night and we had a nice time. Bob asked if I wanted to do anything else when we were done but I didn't so we just went home.

Saturday I was to meet my girlfriends for brunch. I've been a little bit angsty about my friends lately because we have all become so bad and lazy about communicating with each other. Out of 10 friends invited, only 4 showed up and NO ONE called to say they wouldn't be making it. It really wouldn't have been a big deal except the restaurant wouldn't seat us until everyone in the party had arrived so we ended up having to call everyone to see if they were coming or not. Thank god for cell phones or we would have had to locate a pay phone and a bunch of quarters. Brunch was nice anyway and my friends did chip in and get me a nice gift which was a nice surprise.

Following brunch, I ran some errands, braving the holiday crowds at Target...GAH! Then I swung by home to pick up Bob so we could go to Sam's. We wanted to pick out a fun gift basket to give to our apartment management office. We found a nice one AND I was able to place orders for my grad/birthday party cake and party trays.

Speaking of the grad/birthday party, I have to say I'm not very excited about it any more. I've received more regrets than accepts and it's bumming me out. I guess I'll just host the party and have fun with the people that do show up and save the real celebrating for the cruise in September.

Anyway, the rest of the weekend was spent vegging, doing laundry, and trying to recover from a horrendous headache. Oh! And watching Working Girl for the thousandth time. It doesn't matter how many times they show that movie, I will stop whatever it is I'm doing to watch it again.

So things at work have become a bit better. I think it's partially because New Manager is all about working with your strengths and giving you responsibilities that play up the strengths. But the new responsibilities as well as the loss of another co-worker means that the work load has increased exponentially. It's crazy. Today I didn't get a lunch break and I worked an extra hour over my regular time. I am off on Friday and I am panicking about getting everything done that needs to be done by now. I don't know what's worse, being bored at work and not having enough to do or being so busy that no matter how much you do, you can't get everything done. I think I like the latter and say "nyah" to the former.

Something weird and annoying happened to me on Monday. I went down to the cafeteria to get my morning egg. The fry cook that makes my food is the guy who kind of dressed me down not so long ago for not wearing a wedding ring to let him know I'm married. Anyway, he greeted me by saying, "This is the week that everyone needs to tip their service workers this week because Christmas is next week." I laughed but he seemed serious. Bob and I had already tipped everyone we planned on tipping. We gave the mailman some cash, a gift basket to our management office, and gas cards to the people that park on either side of our van in the parking garage. I brought a plate of cookies to my favorite coffee place and didn't think I had to do something for the fry cook at my building cafeteria. It still irks me that he said this.

Only 3 more days to graduation. I. Can't. Wait. I am off Friday, the weekend (of course), Monday, and Tuesday. And reason #127 why I love my husband? When he realized I had all this time off, he suggested we look for a hotel deal in town and stay there Sunday and Monday night as a treat (read distraction) for us this holiday. I found a downtown hotel for $65 per night. We will check in, eat dinner, and then catch the last night of the Hollidazzle. The rest of our time will be spent exploring downtown and enjoying each other's company.

Another reason why my husband rocks? He came up to me today and said, "Yes, let's explore moving to Florida." Yes! Let's.


Yvonne said...

I'm sorry I've been so wrapped up in myself lately and missed your birthday. Especially since it's your 40th, which you know I say is the best decade yet. It won't be easy but the growth and grace that comes your way will make it all worthwhile.

You are a special lady and I wish you a very happy, if belated, birthday!

Anne said...

Why do you tip the people who park next to you? I'm just curious ... that's not the custom in the large city where I live.

blacknwhitenread said...

Ya! for thoughtful husbands!

lap said...

That DOES Rock about the hotel stay in town! What a smart guy Bob is!