Monday, December 10, 2007


I think I mentioned a while back that I fell in love with a ring in a local jewelry store and was hoping Bob would get it for me for graduation. Well, we talked about it and since we are scaling back Christmas and sacrificing all things in life for our cruise in September, I agreed that the cruise is enough and don’t really need any new bling.  So, no new ring for graduation.  Still, we will have a lovely vacation in September. (I may be getting a new vacuum for Christmas though!  Bissell makes a new pet hair vacuum and I’ve heard/read good things about it.  It’s much more affordable than the Dyson and our current vacuum is slowly dying.)

I just got a call (a ring) for an interview.  Wednesday morning I will be heading downtown to the hustle-y and bustle-y center of commerce to interview at a new department.  I’m kind of looking forward to it because the woman who called me was so funny and open.  She stated right away that the job entailed some filing and since everyone in the office hated filing, it kind of fell to this open position.  I said I have to file now and while it’s not on the list of my favorite things to do, I don’t mind it so much.  She also said there was room for growth and advancement and said it’s a fun place to work.  After the call, I went to my manager to tell her I would be going on this interview but I told her that during the interview I would be sure to tell the interviewer about how we’ve lost so many people in a short amount of time and I would probably need more than the requisite two weeks notice if offered the job.  My boss appreciated that.

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Krystle said...

That was nice of you to be open with your boss, and that she appreciated you telling her. If you were to get offered the position, than hopefully your last couple weeks would go smoothly and you wouldn't have to worry about hurting or offending your current supervisor!