Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mixed Bag of an Entry

My eldest nephew turns 13 today.  How is it that just yesterday he was blowing raspberries and eating his toes, carrying Matchbox cars in both fists and all his pockets, starting school, loving musical chairs and now he’s a teenager?  I still remember the birthday when he turned 7.  I called him in the morning before he left for school to wish him a happy birthday.  I asked him what they were planning on doing at his party and he said, “Playing musical chairs that’s for sure!”  He was so excited though I think it was reported back that musical chairs didn’t end up in the party game plan.  Anyway, happy birthday Nephew!  Have fun with your limo ride bowling party.

Yesterday I took the holiday photograph of one of our departments.  There were 11 people.  Of the 11, 3 had dark skin, 2 had lighter dark skin, and the rest had variations of MN winter white pasty skin.  I had a hard time setting the white balance to get everyone’s skin tone correct.  THEN there was the problem with eyes being closed or half closed, someone standing in front of someone else, someone not smiling, etc.  I was not happy with the end result but I handed the photo CD in this morning.  If I had my way, I would ask them to do it over but I guess it was the manager’s idea to do it in the first place and his employees weren’t thrilled with the idea to begin with.  So, hopefully they will find one to use in their holiday greetings.  It’s hard to take a photo that all 11 people are happy with.  I think I will stick to candid/family/event photography.  Posed group shots are NOT my thing.

I am learning to live with one less molar in my mouth.  The pain and discomfort of the former tooth was horrible and I couldn’t wait to get it out but now that it’s out…it’s weird.  It feels like there’s a huge hole in my head.  The oral surgeon didn’t stitch the opening together so there’s a gaping hole where the tooth used to be as well.  I swish with warm, salty water after every meal or beverage (other than water) so that little crater stays empty and heals.  I hope it heals without the gaping.

More snow today.  That makes 3 times since Saturday.  This is the snowiest December I remember in a while.  Bob doesn’t like it because it means he is confined to home unless the plows/shovelers have been out.  Even then, there needs to be a packed, even surface for him to ride on and that hasn’t been the case for several days now.  Poor buddy.  We’ve been spoiled with mild, not so snowy winters lately and are just not used to the white stuff.

Speaking of Bob I am worried about his health.  He caught that respitory crap that was going around and got really sick.  Thanks to some antibiotics and lots of rest he got better but he still isn’t back 100%.  And now he’s having trouble with some aspects of his health and makes mention of it but won’t go to the doctor.  I can’t make him go but I tell him he better go.  He says he will make an appointment but every day I come home and he still hasn’t done it.  Arg.  What is it with men and the doctor?

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