Sunday, December 02, 2007

Snowy Sunday

I'm not sure how many inches of snow we got yesterday but it was alot. It snowed steadily all day, turned to sleety-rain, then back to snow again. Right now it is sunny and bright and cold outside which makes all the snow look like white frosting on a winter wonderland.

I stopped by the bird food store and got some suet, new seed, and a seed ball. The birds were eating from the feeder yesterday during the storm but since putting out the new food, seed ball, and suet...nothing. Silly birdies.

I tried on the dress again last night to show Bob. I didn't take a photo of me in it yet because my hair was a mess and I didn't have any make-up on but I will post a picture from graduation. Only 20 more days to graduation and 12 days until I turn 40.

As I was walking to the parking garage this morning, my walking cast/boot snapped in half. So I guess I'm not supposed to wear it any more. I do have an ankle brace thing and I ordered some TEDS socks so I should have enough support on the healing ankle.

I was going to decorate for Christmas this weekend but next Saturday is Bob's family Christmas so I think I might wait until Saturday morning before the shindig to decorate. Or not. I could still get a bug up my butt and decorate today. It certainly feels more like Christmas with all the snow.

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