Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pomp and Circumstance

I got my cap and gown!  I got my cap and gown!  Wheeee!  I left work early to head to my school for the Grad Expo.  When I got there, there was one other guy ahead of me and 2 girls behind me and that was it.  I hope there was a larger turn out earlier in the day.  Anyway, I got my alumni card and info on career development.  I found out that I dont have any overdue library fines and I entered my name for a drawing.  I got my graduation tickets (including 1 wheelchair/accessible ticket) and my cap and gown.  They made me try on my cap right away but I had to wait until I got home to try on my gown.  Everything is black.  The cap is black.  The gown is black.  Even the tassel is black.  At least it all goes with my new dress.  I cant wait until next Friday!

I had an interview this morning.  I think it went well but I can never tell with these things.  I was a few minutes late because I had intended to park on the street but couldnt find street parking over 15 minutes in length so I had to park in a ramp.  The ramp I chose had prominent signs stating they did not accept checks and since I only had $8 on me, I made a mental note to stop at an ATM on my way back to my car. Anyway, I met the manager and her 3 employees and then we got down to it.  She was nice, funny, and a little saucy.  She asked me the dreaded, what is your greatest strength and greatest weakness? question.  I dont think I nailed it, but I came away with a good feeling.  The way I see it, its all experience that helps with the next thing to come along so even if Im not offered the position, it wasnt a wasted effort.  Oh, and I had to pay $11 for the ONE HOUR I was parked down town.  If I do get the job, I will be procuring a monthly bus pass post haste.

Tonight is my work holiday party.  I dont really know what to expect.  Our BIG manager is going to be here from California.  We have a new manager and less people than previous years.  The restaurant we are going to has some yummy food and drinks are free so it should be a good time in that regard anyway.  On the way I am stopping at the consignment shop to drop off a couple of things. Dont know if they will accept them, but its worth a shot.  I also have to see if I have any money on account.  If so, I can pick up something for store credit.  Yay.

So Friday is the big day.  The day I turn 40.  Ive been so busy that it hasnt really registered but Im kind of dreading it.  So much stuff was to have happened before I turned 40.  We were to have either had a baby or I was to be pregnant.  We were to have a house.  I was to have found a better paying job in a field I enjoy.  None of that has happened yet.  At least I finished school before I turned 40.  I got that item checked off my to-do list anyway.  I have to work on Friday but then Bob is picking me up and we are going downtown for dinner and the Hollidazzle Parade.  Its supposed to be the coldest day of the week but my new parka arrived from L.L. Bean so I should be snuggly in that.  Bob and I have never seen the Hollidazzle together so it should be interesting if nothing else.  I do have a big party planned to celebrate the 4-0 and my graduation but I scheduled it for January, after all the holiday hoopla.  Oh, and youre invited.

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