Thursday, February 07, 2008

Interviews and Breaking Down

Quick update:  I ended up having 2 interviews yesterday and both went nowhere.  I talked to the guy in Austin, TX and I talked to another guy in Palm Beach, FL.  Both interviews were for other jobs with-in Big Bank Co.  Both guys were super nice and both guys ended up saying I sounded like a good candidate but they were really looking for someone who could start right away.  Both said if I ended up in their area to look them up and they would see what openings they had at that time and thank you but no thanks.  So, there’s that.

I went with Bob to his CT scan.  It ended up being a quick trip.  We got there and they took him in right away.  They injected dye into his vein, laid him on a table, and then the table was raised and sent through a scanning/X-ray machine.  I didn’t get to be in the room during the actual scan but it only took about 2 minutes.  We go tomorrow morning to meet with the pulmonary doctor and with his primary care physician.  I guess this is the appointment where we will find out the results from all these tests and see if there is a treatment plan or not.

Bob sister called us after I created and posted to Bob’s Caring Bridge site.  She said their dad had a genetic heart defect called PVOD.  It has something to do with a weakened heart valve.  He had similar symptoms to what Bob is exhibiting right now.  It’s kind of scary because Bob already has a genetic issue what with the MD and everything.  Wouldn’t it just figure he has something else too?

Speaking of defects it seems like everything is breaking down just about now.  Bob’s wheelchair needs to be repaired.  We are dropping that off tomorrow after all his doctor appointments.  Thankfully, the repair place has a replacement for him to use while we wait for the repairs.  Bob’s van also needs to be repaired.  The check engine light has been on for over 2 weeks.  Bob took it to have the oil changed right when it first came on but the mechanic couldn’t find anything wrong at the time.  Now it’s getting worse and making noise.  We have an appointment Saturday morning to have it looked at again.  I hope it makes it there and that they find something wrong with it.  Well, something wrong that’s fixable and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.  My car needs a new headlight but in comparison, that’s not so bad.

I’m nervous about tomorrow and what we will be finding out.

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black and white and read all over said...

Let us know how things are with hubby. There will be other jobs! *smooch*